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County GOP Headquarters opens in Jamestown...

Several major Republican candidates were on hand in downtown Jamestown Friday afternoon to help cut the ribbon on the county GOP's campaign headquarters.  The Republican Committee has been provided space on the fourth-floor of the Fenton Building to head up the effort in the just over one month left in the campaign.  County GOP Chairman Al Hendrickson of West Ellicott says he's very "proud" of their slate of candidates... which is headed up by executive candidate Vince Horrigan, and Larry Barmore, who is running for county clerk.  Hendrickson also feels confident the GOP will get a majority on the legislature this year.  From the county legislature side of the campaign... Hendrickson says it's been different because of redistricting.  The party had four strong candidates that squared off in two primaries earlier in the month.  But... he says it's all been "ironed out..." and, they're ready to go.  County Executive candidate Vince Horrigan echoed those sentiments... saying it's "a pleasure to be running with this incredible team of Republicans." 

Three arrested in connection with Jamestown marijuana drying operation...

An anonymous tip has helped city police to intercept a large amount of dried marijuana that was in the process of being moved from a home on Jamestown's westside to another location.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says officers got the information on their Tip-line about 5 p.m. Thursday.  Samuelson says they were told the dried pot was at 45 West 11th street... and, ready to be moved.  Samuelson says city and state Police got additional information after talking with the residents... and, later obtained a search warrant.  Samuelson says they're raid resulted in the discovery of 11 ounces of dried pot.  He says the three people living there were charged with Felony criminal possession of marijuana.  The three arrested were 63 year-old Terrance Austin... his 22 year-old son, Jordan... and, 59 year-old Lesley Knight.  However... he says it doesn't look like the trio was growing the pot there.  The Austin's are in the county jail without bail.  Knight has not yet been sent to Mayville.  Samuelson says if you have any information on illegal drug activity in the city... call their anonymous tip-line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.

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