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Reed pressing on despite continuing resolutions defeat in Senate...

Despite the latest set-back in the U.S. Senate... Local Congressman Tom Reed says he's holding out hope that there won't be a government shut-down at the stroke of Midnight.  Reed was in the House Majority early Sunday morning that approved a short-term continuing resolution that delayed implementation of the Affordable Care Act by one year.  It's already been pushed back a year for businesses... but, individuals can still begin signing up today.  Reed was already preparing for the likelyhood of the House plan being rejected by introducing a measure that would not allow an "Obamacare" exemption for federal lawmakers.  Reed says -- at the minimum -- he would go for a measure that eliminates "special treatment" for lawmakers, the presidents, and staffers.  Under current law... federal lawmakers would receive a contribution from the government to help pay for health insurance purchased through state exchanges.  Reed's proposal woul remove that contribution.  He says for him to vote for a continuing resolution... he would need Majority Leader Harry Reid to say -- "no more special treatment for members of Congress under Obamacare."  Reed made his comments during his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media Monday morning.

New U.S. Courthouse in Buffalo officially names after late Justice Robert H. Jackson...

The new, 10-story federal courthouse in Buffalo now bears the name of one of Chautauqua County's favorite sons on it.  The $137-million facility was officially named after late U-S Supreme Court Justice... and, chief Nuremburg War Crimes prosecutor Robert H. Jackson during a ceremony Monday morning at the courthouse.  The director of the Jackson Center in Jamestown... James Johnson... was impressed by the speeches given... but -- none moreso than those of Jackson's grandchildren.  Chautauqua County's former Congressman Brian Higgins pushed a measure through to name the new courthouse after Jackson... who was born in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania and raised in Frewsburg.  Higgins says Jackson's story is "a uniquely Western New York story -- a uniquely American story -- and there is no doubt in my mind that, with his name on our courthouse, his story will continue to inspire Western New Yorkers for generations to come."  Current Congressman Tom Reed called it a "proud day" for the area.

Jamestown man now jailed after allegedly firing off a shotgun, and threatening three people...

A city man is in the county jail without bail for allegedly threatening three people with a shotgun... and, firing it off at least once on Jamestown's northside.  City police were called to a Hopkins Avenue address shortly before 3:30 AM yesterday on a report of a person with a weapon.  Upon further investigation... officers say they learned that 24 year-old George Edington-the-third was in possession of a "pump-action" shotgun that he had shot off prior to their arrival.  Police also say they discovered that Edington menaced the three people during an altercation in the Hopkins Street area.  He was taken into custody without incident... and, arraigned on several charges... including three counts of second-degree menacing... and one each of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon... and, criminal use of a firearm.  Edington was then sent to the county lock-up.

City man jailed for assault...

A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly assaulting another person early Monday morning on the city's southside.  Officers were called to a Hazzard Street address about 12:30 a.m. on a reported assault-in-progress.  Police say further investigation revealed that 44 year-old Raymond Finch III allegedly punched the victim in the head several times with a closed fist... causing several lacerations to the face.  Officers say they took Finch into custody without incident... and, took him to the city jail.  He's being held pending arraignment on a third-degree assault charge.


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