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(**Alert)Special meeting scheduled for county legislature to get full presentation on proposed buyers of the County Home...

Chautauqua County legislators will hold a special meeting next week to hear from representatives of VestraCare about their proposal to purchase the County Home in Dunkirk.  Legislature Chairman Jay Gould has scheduled the session for a week from tomorrow, Wed., Oct. 9 at 6:30 p.m.  Gould says there will be a further presentation and question and answer session for lawmakers, giving the legislature a chance to quiz the potential new buyers.  He says with a final contract signed, they could schedule a meeting.  Principles of the group gave a brief presentation at a meeting of the Legislature on Aug. 28.  County Executive Greg Edwards says a proposed contract has been finalized for the purchase of the home and a deposit has been wired for $1.65-million.  Gould says the public will be able to attend the Oct. 9 meeting... but, will not be able to speak.  He says there be an opportunity for public comment when the Legislature holds another special session later in the month... possibly on Oct. 30... when a vote on selling the County Home could take place.

Federal government shut-down continues; Reed votes with majority of lawmakers to continue pay for troops, and protecting benefits for seniors...

Republicans say the GOP-controlled House intends to pass legislation to reopen portions of the federal government... including national parks and processing of claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The House would also allow the government for Washington, D.C. to use its own taxpayer funds to provide services like garbage pickup, as well as keep D.C. employees on the job.  With the shut-down... local Congressman Tom Reed says you'll likely see slower processing of paperwork.  The Corning Republican was among the majority in both the House and Senate that voted to continue paying active U.S. troops... and, seniors.  However... Reed says he remains behind the shut-down unless the Senate agrees to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act... or Obamacare.  He says he "didn't come here to maintain the status quo.  We came here to do something..." and, feels a late measure he introduced to deny federal lawmakers their government funded health care through exchanges was one way to get movement.  That measure was also rejected by lawmakers.

Robertson says Reed showing "true colors" with support of government shutdown...

Congressman Reed's expected opponent in next year's election accuses him of trying to run away from the 'Tea Party' label he's had lately.  But... Democrat Martha Robertson adds that he's now showing his "true colors with his full-throated support of the government shutdown."  She says "four out of the six New York GOP members of Congress are openly critical of this extremist strategy."  Even worse... she says Reed advocates a default on the debt ceiling in a few weeks, which would cause major damage to the economy.  Robertson adds it also threatens the delivery of Social Security checks..., Medicare payments and Veterans benefits.  She concluded that "just like Tom Reed not paying his property taxes on time, he thinks it's OK for the Congress not to pay its bills either."


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