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Tranum says County Chamber has been busy working with local businesses on dealing with Affordable Care Act...

The start up of the Affordable Care Act -- or Obamacare -- is keeping the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce busy.  Chamber President and Chief Executive Officer Todd Tranum says another round of meetings on health insurance enrollment and information were held Thursday.  Tranum says there's been a lot interest... which one of the reasons the state website had trouble dealing with the heavy volume of traffic on Tuesday.  He says -- at the national level -- there's been a lot of attention on the ACA.  The chamber hosted two meetings Thursday at the SUNY College at Fredonia Technology Incubator in Dunkirk.  They were morning and afternoon sessions.  More are being scheduled.  The meetings are open to individuals and businesses.

Reed's potential 2014 Democratic opponent blames Reed, other TEA Party Republicans in House for shut-down...

A Democrat who has already announced she's running for Congress next year is putting the blame for the partial government shutdown on House Republicans -- including local Congressman Tom Reed.  Tompkins County Legislature Chairwoman Martha Robertson held another news conference -- this time in Buffalo -- Wednesday.  She says they've had a wide range of people come out... and, call for Reed and his -quote - "fellow TEA Party extremists" to go back to work and fund the government.  Robertson says there's never been "this level of dysfunction" with Congress.  She's called for approval of a clean continuing resolution, then breaking into conference committees to hammer out issues each side feels needs to be addressed.  While in Elmira Wednesday... Robertson quoted U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand... who called the shutdown a "Tea Party temper tantrum."  In Buffalo Thursday... Robertson said it's "clear that a clean Continuing Resolution would pass the House of Representatives today, but, extremists in Congress won't allow that vote to happen."  She is also concerned that the government shutdown is in danger of stretching out through the credit deadline of Oct. 17, when the federal debt ceiling is reached.

Reed to accept no pay while government is shut-down...

With the federal government's partial shut-down entering it's third day... Congressman Tom Reed has joined with many fellow members of the House in turning down his paycheck.  In a statement issued late last night... the Corning Republican said "I will not accept a paycheck while the government is shut down.  Congress has a job to do and if Congress can't complete one of its primary responsibilities... it doesn't deserve to get a paycheck."



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