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County Health and Human Services Dept. restates warning about Mosquito-borne illnesses -- namely EEE...

The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services is continuing to warn residents to take precautions against mosquito bites because of the risk of mosquito-borne illness.  Those include Eastern Equine Encephalitis -- or Triple-EEE -- for short... and, West Nile Virus.  The State Health Department has notified county health officials that additional Triple-EEE positive mosquito pools have been detected in the Conewango Creek Valley in the towns of Kiantone and Carroll.  Two of those pools also contained mosquitoes that bite both birds and mammals.  The DHHS's Mark Stow says -- so far -- a horse has died from the rare, but lethal virus.  Stow says that happened about a month ago, and involved a mosquito that not only will bite a horse... but, humans as well.  Stow says the state is continuing the declaration of an Imminent Public Health Threated in the county through Oct. 31.  He says they are concerned about the situation because of the weather is expected to be warm and humid this weekend... and, that triggers prime mosquito activity.  He says all county residents should protect themselves from mosquito bites.  Various websites... including the county's... have posted some tips and precautions to follow.

Jamestown man arrested after young child found wandering, naked, on Barrows Street...

A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly being asleep while his young child was found naking... and wandering around a Barrows Street neighborhood late Friday morning.  City police were called to 43 Barrows shortly before 10:30 a.m., and, found the child.  They also found the parents -- sleeping inside their home -- after checking several houses in the area.  Police arrested 23 year-old Cody Murphy at the scene for endangering the welfare of a child.  He was sent to the city jail pending arraignment.

Edwards explains increased funding in parts of his 2014 budget proposal...

Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards says he understands why members of the legislature have made certain changes to his 2014 budget proposal.  But... at the same time, Edwards says he carefully weighed how much people would be paying now in taxes... compared to when he took office.  A $500,000 increase in the Office for the Aging's budget is to help deal with a waiting list of 342 people wanting home services.  That amount was cut to $250,000 in committee this week.  Edwards says if that's approved, they can't reach those 342 people... and, delaying $250,000 for a year means the list will be longer next year.  He says part of the problem is a drop in revenues.  He says NRG's payment in lieu of tax deal on the Dunkirk Generating Station has been dropped... and, overcrowding issues at the County Jail in Mayville means fewer federal prisoners can be housed there.  The county received a daily payment for those prisoners.  Between those two areas... Edwards says the county is losing $1.4-million in revenues.  Legislators also voted in committee to take out the county's just over one-million dollar, Inter-governmental Transfer for the County Home in Dunkirk.  But... Edwards says if the county retains ownership of the home... the IGT is needed to leverage matching state and federal funding.



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