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There was drama in the courtroom Thursday afternoon as the star witness in the second-degree murder trial of Anthony Taglianetti took the stand in the Chautauqua County Courtroom.  A custodial e-mail expert from Google helped lay the ground-work before Taglianetti's wife took the stand.  Mary Taglianetti told the jury that while she and the late Keith Reed, Junior had communicated several times via phone, e-amils and texts... they only had been together -- physically -- once for what she called a "date" in Albany.  She testified that her husband found out about the affair on August 6th of last year.  Mary Taglianetti says she e-mailed Reed on August 20th to say she was sorry -- "you got messed up with a married girl."  Special Correspondant Dave O'Connor says Mary Taglianetti testified that her ex-husband then started sending threatening messages to Reed.  She says he then found out about Reed's career move to Clymer... and, left their Virginia home on September 20th of 2012 -- the day before the shooting.  He then returned the morning of September 22nd.


Most places in Chautauqua County have not only received their first snowfall of the season... but, their first significant snowfall, too.  That from Forecaster Kirk Apfell with the National Weather Service in Buffalo.  The snow began in the higher elevations late Wednesday night... and, have continued off and on through the day today.  Apfell says cold air moving over a still-warm Lake Erie has produced the early lake effect.  However... he adds how much snow has fallen is very "elevation dependent...." We received about two-inches of snow Thursday here at our Media One Studios.  Temperatures in parts of the Jamestown-area dropped to the freezing mark... and, our high yesterday barely reached 40.  Today we may reach 42.  While most of the snow has not been sticking on roads... we heard about some slick conditions in some areas... namely Interstate 86 in Sherman.  Apfell says it's time to "brush off" those Winter driving skills... especially where there's locally heavy snowfall.  He says the Lake Effect Snow should be with us through late morning... and, after that there will mainly be Lake Effect rain showers. 


The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department is continuing to investigate a crash that occurred on Dale Drive in Cassadaga early Thursday morning where a vehicle missed a curve... and landed in  Cassadaga Lake.  First Assistant Cassadaga Fire Chief Tim Cobb says they got the call around 6:30 Thursday morning. The county's Dive Team also responded to the crash... and, was able to recover the vehicle.  The Sheriff's Department has located the two occupants of the vehicle and they were apparently not injured in the crash.  Cobb says they've seen vehicles take a plunge into the lake before... especially at that location.  He adds, though, they still don't know what happened yet.  There is also no word on the identities of the occupants as the investigation continues.


Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards says he will review the changes made to his proposed 230-million dollar budget... and, weigh his options.  Edwards Thursday said he may veto the reduction in funding to the Office for the Aging.  He had proposed adding 500-thousand dollars to serve about 350 seniors on a waiting list for OFA services in the county. Edwards feels the added 500-thousand dollar increase in Office for the Aging funding would directly eliminate the need for about 10-million in medicaid payments to the same seniors because they likely would have to go into a nursing home.  The OFA item was the only veto possibility Edwards talked about Thursday.  The budget approved by the legislature Wednesday night sets the tax rate at 9-dollars-13 cents per thousand full value.


The state's Education Commissioner has told a meeting with parents and teachers that New York is not going delay new Common Core learning reforms.  However... John King, Junior says they are open to ``adjustments'' going forward.  King spoke at forum in Albany, his first since an earlier series of planned appearances was cancelled after he was shouted down at a meeting in Poughkeepsie on October 10th.  There was no similar disruption at Thursday's event in an auditorium filled with hundreds of parents, students and teachers. 


The city of Jamestown... and several community groups and businesses... are again hosting the annual Citywide Halloween Fun-Fest at the former Allen Park Ice Rink next Thursday night.  It's the 29th year the city has put on the event... which is billed as a safe, no-cost alternative to going door-to-door 'trick-or-treating.'  The Fun-Fest runs from 6 to 8 PM.  City recreation Coordinator Julia Ciesla-Hanley calls it the "perfect event" to bring the kids to. Ciesla-Hanley says the Halloween Fun-Fest will feature games... a haunted house... and, two costume judging contests during the evening.  The winners will receive bicycles donated by the Jamestown Cycle Shop.  Mayor Sam Teresi says the city can only afford a small allotment for the Fun-Fest... but, adds, together with their sponsors... they are able to do it. The sponsors including the Media One Group... Artone Manufacturing... Chautauqua Region Community Foundation... the Morton Club... Southern Tier Supply... and, Honest John's Pizza.  Ciesla-Hanley says the event is geared to children ages 12 and under.  She says anyone over the age of 12 must be accompanied by a child... and, children under 6 must be accompanied by a parent or adult.

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