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The second-week of the trial of the man accused of murdering Clymer School Superintendent Keith Reed, Jr. begins today... and, it will be a short week.  Last Friday... defendant Anthony Taglianetti's ex-wife found herself caught up in a number of alleged lies during cross-examination.  It was also established during Day-Four of the trial that Mary Taglianetti lied about her residency in New York in seeking a divorce from her husband.  Special Correspondent Dave O'Connor reports Mrs. Taglianetti presented herself on the on-line dating service Match-dot-COM as being "single" when she was still married to Taglianetti, and had not sought a legal separation at that point.  She testified that she met Reed on-line, and they met up at an Albany restaurant.  They later stopped at a convenience store, and, later had sex.  However... that was the only time, she said, that they had a "physical" encounter.  They later engaged in what is called "sexting."  There will only be three-days of testimony this week... with no court on Friday.


The problematic roll-out of the Affordable Care Act's website is not the only issue members of a key Congressional Committee wants answers to during a hearing today.  That from local Congressman Tom Reed... who is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.  Reed says the panel will question the woman at the U-S Department of Health and Human Services... who oversees operation of the federal and state health care exchanges that are a big part of "Obamacare."  The Corning Republican says problems with the health care law are much more than a "botched website rollout."  He says a key one is people -- especially younger Americans -- aren't signing up. Reed says the second major issue is that thousands of people are seeing their health coverage getting cancelled. He says Marilyn Cavenner... Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will appear before the committee.  However... Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelious... will not testify.  She is to go before another committee on Thursday.  He made his comments during his weekly conference call Monday with Southern Tier Media.


County lawmakers will vote this Wednesday on the latest offer to buy the Chautauqua County Home in Dunkirk.  VestraCare of Long Island... which operates two other homes in Central and Eastern New York... has offered 16.5-million dollars for the facility.  Legislature Chairman Jay Gould says it's also the last, best chance for the public to express it's feelings about the potential sale.  Gould says constituents have been in contact with their legislator on the issue... including himself. Gould also expects people to turn out in large numbers for the meeting.  Earlier this year... the legislature came up just short of the 17 votes needed to sell the home to an Evanston, Illinois firm.  However... County Executive Greg Edwards says he believes this is the best offer they have received so far... especially because VestraCare has already purchased the Ulster County Home... and, understands nursing home operations in New York State.  Wednesday's meeting begins at 6:30 PM.

With Chautauqua County Legislators returning to Mayville for another vote on the possible sale of the County Home on the agenda... one north county lawmaker doesn't believe the vote will change.  While the Legislature is dealing with a dealing with a different buyer, VestraCare, Dunkirk Democrat Keith Ahlstrom doubts there will be enough support to sell the Dunkirk-area facility. Ahlstrom says there is still a lot of support for keeping the County Home... in his legislative district... where the home is located.  But... he acknowleges that support does not seem to be as strong as it once was.  He doesn't anticipate changing his vote.  He says - to his knowledge -- no one's vote has changed... so if the entire legislature is present... the vote would be 16-to-9 to sell.  However... 17 are needed.


County Executive Greg Edwards said Monday that he is "encouraged" that there appears to be a local proposal in the works to buy the Lakeshore Health Care Center in Irving.  Edwards says that the proposal is from someone who would keep the hospital operating.  The Busti Republican says he's been working with leaders from the Lake Erie Regional Health System and the hospital.  He says there may be an offer soon. The Lake Erie Regional Health System announced nearly two weeks ago that Lake Shore Health Care Center would be closing by the end of January.  The move would put about 460 jobs in jeopardy.  The Board of Directors of the Health System are expected to meet this week.  Silver Creek-area County Legislator George Borrello, who has been working on a plan to save the facility, said he had first-hand knowledge of a potential buyer, which he described as a company with medical and hospital experience.  Borrello also tells The Buffalo news that two other health care organizations also have expressed interest.


Four SUNY campuses will be getting more locally grown vegetables under a pilot project called Farm to College.  The project is supported by a 99-thousand dollar federal agricultural grant to American Farmland Trust.  The four SUNY campuses are the University of Albany, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Oswego and SUNY Oneonta.  Acting state Agriculture Commissioner James Bays says the grant will help American Farmland Trust expand markets for New York farmers... while getting more nutritious local products into the state's colleges.

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