Local News Headlines

A Jamestown man who was struck by a car at the intersection of Washington and West Seventh Streets earlier this month has died from his injuries.  City police say 69 year-old Kenneth Wright... who suffered a severe head injury in the accident... succumbed to his injuries this past Thursday.  Officers say Wright was walking east across Washington Street towards Dow Park back on October 9th... when he was struck by the car.  The vehicle was operated by an unidentified 56 year-old resident... who may face charges.  Police say Wright was flown by Starflight Helicopter to the Hamot Medical Center in Erie where he later died.  Officers say the investigation is continuing.


The inflamatory e-mail that allegedly set off Anthony Taglianetti and drove him to drive to Clymer to kill Keith Reed, Junior... was read in county court Tuesday.  That e-mail between Reed and Taglianetti's ex-wife, Mary, refered to "phone sex" the two allegedly had on August 5th of 2012.  Taglianetti's high-profile trial resumed Tuesday in county court.  Detailed photographs of the revolver allegedly used to kill Reed in September of last year were shown to the jury.  The 357-Magnum had reddish-brown stains on it... but, had been adjusted to fire 38-Special bullets.  A Prince William County, Virginia Crime Scene Specialist... who examined Taglianetti's gold-colored buick after he returned to Virginia... found the gun under the driver's seat.


A city man has been arrested for allegedly violating his conditions from drug treatment court... and, running from police while leaving his 3-year-old son in the car.  Jamestown Police say a patrol officer stopped a vehicle... driven by 33 year-old Joshua Treacy... because they spotted a passenger not wearing a seat belt.  While the officer was checking information on the occupants... they say Treacy ran from the scene -- leaving the young boy behind -- along with two unrelated adults.  Police say the two people had recently been picked up by Treacy.  He was chased by JPD and State Police K-9 teams... and, tracked to 853 Prendergast Avenue... which he appeared to enter.  Officers say Treacy was found... under a pile of clothing... in an upstairs apartment.  He refused to comply at first... and, was bit in the arm-area by one of the K-9s.  Treacy was treated at the scene... and, charged with violation of drug treatment court.... resisting arrest... obstruction and endangering the welfare of a child.  He was jailed pending arraignment.


A long-time member of the Lakewood-Busti Police Department has resigned to take a security job in the private sector... but, at least for now -- his management position will not be filled.  That from Police Chief John Bentley... who says Sergeant Investigator Paul Gustafson's last day was the end of last week.  Gustafson was with the department for 22 years after a short stint in the beginning with the Ellicott Police Department.  Bentley says he was a "great employee...." Bentley says the general make-up of the police force has changed in recent years due to some retirements... and, Gustafson's resignation.  However... he says they have three fewer full-timers as they had 30 years ago when the Lakewood and Busti forces combined.  Bentley says they have nine full-timers... and, 10 part-timers... which makes scheduling a challenge.  He says part-timers can only work so many hours under Civil Service Law.  While they have fewer full-timers... and, more part-timer... they're answering seven times the number of calls they've had in recent years.


The state Department of Environmental Conservation has launched a statewide survey of deer hunters to get their opinions on the new deer management plan.  The survey is being conducted for DEC by the Human Dimensions Research Unit at Cornell University.  Commissioner Joe Martens says that during the development of the 2012-2016 deer management plan... some hunters expressed strong interest in modifying hunting rules to allow more bucks to live to older ages.  In response... the agency has tried several ways to reduce the harvest of yearling bucks.


State lawmakers from the area continue to follow developments concerning the future of the Lake Shore Health Care Center... including word of a local group that has submitted a letter of intent to purchase the facility in Irving.  While he did not comment on the proposal, Assemblyman Andy Goodell says he is continuing to work closely with State Senator Cathy Young... and, fellow Assemblyman Joe Giglio from Cattaraugus County.  Goodell says they have two major goals. Goodell is encouraging any group... or organization that is interested in acquiring the facility to make a "legitimate offer" that meets those objectives.  Silver Creek Businessman Anthony Borrello is leading the group that submitted a letter of intent which states a proposed purchase price of between 11-million... and, 15-million dollars.  The Health System's Board of Directors discussed the proposal when they met last night.


A New York anti-corruption commission pointedly critiqued the state's Board of Elections at a hearing... questioning its enforcement efforts and the dual-party nature of its very structure.  Representatives of the state election board pushed back against the questioning from members of the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption at Monday night's Manhattan hearing.  They emphasized a lack of resources and staff at the organization.  The hearing was the third from the Moreland commission.  It was created by Governor Andrew Cuomo.  The commission isn't technically authorized to investigate the legislative branch of state government.  But... Cuomo directed the commission to investigate the records of the Board of Elections and the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, both executive branch agencies.  That probe would consider the connection between campaign contributions, lobbying and lawmakers.


A major credit rating agency has downgraded its view of the New York Thruway Authority over concerns about how much tolls will increase when the Tappan Zee Bridge is replaced north of Manhattan.  Standard & Poor's Ratings Service says it has reduced the rating for bonds sold by the Thruway Authority from A+ to A.  The agency says it acted because the authority hasn't detailed how much tolls will rise and traffic volume appears to be declining.


Nik Wallenda is still planning to create a permanent attraction to mark his televised wire walk over Niagara Falls more than a year ago.  State Sen. George Maziarz says Wallenda was in western New York Tuesday to continue discussions with stakeholders about some sort of attraction in the city of Niagara Falls.  The seventh-generation member of the famous ``Flying Wallendas'' walked a tight rope over Niagara Falls in June 2012.  This past June, nearly 11 million people watched on TV as he crossed a tightrope stretched over the Grand Canyon.