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Teresi addresses several accomplishments, challenges, in State of the City address...

Jamestown city officials accomplished several tasks in 2013... and, 2014 looks even more promising if they all work together for the betterment of the city.  That from Mayor Sam Teresi... who delivered his 15th State of the City Address at last night's City Council voting session.  Teresi says one of last year's top achievements was the city getting another boost in it's bond rating to the "A" catagory for the first time in 30 years.  He says it will save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in borrowing.  He adds a joint City/County Task Force working on plans to consolidate police services with the county made progress... and, should issue an initial report in 2014.  Teresi says, with the help of the Center for Governmental Research, the task force is finalizing a draft Initial Management Agreement -- or IMA -- to be presented to city and county leaders in the coming year to move to the next stage of discussion, negotiation, and possible implementation."  'Quality of Life' issues were also a key focus of Teresi's speech.  Teresi says public service officials will intensify their efforts to attack and further cut into what he called -- "two scourges" in the community.  They are the sales and usage of illegal drugs... and, structure arsons.  Teresi says the city will also re-instate it's "quadrant" residential inspections in 2014.  His entire address can be viewed on line at www.jamestownny.net.

Former nurse from Jamestown admits to stealing prescription forms to obtain and sell pain-killer Oxycodone...

A former nurse at the Veteran's Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Jamestown has admitted stealing and forging prescription forms for oxycodone several times nearly four years ago.  U-S Attorney William Hochul, Jr. says 47 year-old Samilyn Olson pleaded guilty in federal court in Buffalo Monday of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone.  Hochul says the charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison... and, a one-million dollar fine.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Lynch, who is handling the case, says the incidents occured between May and September of 2010.  Lynch says she stole prescription forms from a nurse practitioner at the clinic, forged the practitioner's name and wrote prescriptions for oxycodone.  He says the scripts were then filled by Olson or others at a local pharmacy in Jamestown... and, then distributed.  The Veteran's Affairs Office... V-A Police Department... and, Jamestown Police investigated the case.

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