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Polar air begins retreating today; temps to rise to around freezing by weekend...

The Wind Chill Warning we were under the past day or so was replaced by a Wind Chill Advisory... which runs through this afternoon.  The National Weather Service continued the warning through early this morning after yesterday afternoon's temperatures weren't expected to get out of the mid-single-digits... and, winds were still prevailent in some areas.  This latest shot of frigid, Polar air will be around through at least late today.  Starting Thursday... Forecaster Dave Thomas says we'll see highs of about 25-degrees... and, we may see temperatures reach the freezing mark by the end of the week.

Reed finds a couple of positives, but, mostly negatives in Tuesday's State of the Union address...

While there was "more of the same out of Washington" during last night's State of the Union" speech... Southern Tier Congressman Tom Reed says there were a couple of key positives for his constituents.  Reed says one was that the President devoted a lot of time to the need to grow advanced manufacturing hubs.  The Corning Republican says the "Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation..." or RAMI Act... also includes re-training to help the long-term unemployed find work.  Reed says he was pleased to hear the President speak directly to that need.  However... Reed was not happy with the President's threat to use Executive Orders to move his agenda forward if Congress "won't act." 

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WJTN Headlines for Sat., July 4, 2020

Two people hurt in alleged DWI Motorcycle-Car accident in Bemus Point... A Mayville man has been charged with driving while intoxicated and speeding after his motorcycle collided with another vehicle...

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