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Lake Effect Snow -- from Lake Huron -- dumps 8 to 9 inches of snow on parts of Chautauqua Ridge...

Most of Lake Erie remains covered by ice... but, that doesn't mean we're out of the woods for lake effect snow just yet.  The higher elevations along the Chautauqua Ridge received a lot of snow from late Monday until early this morning.  That from Forecaster Bill Hibbert with the National Weather Service in Buffalo... who says there's a Lake Huron connection.  Hibbert says the snow crosses southern Ontario... Lake Erie... and, falls in Western New York.  Snowfall totals range from 9 inches in West Valley... to 5.5 inches in Forestville.  We also have had some unofficial reports of 8 inches in Cassadaga.  There was about 2 overnight in Jamestown.

2013 unaudited BPU financial report shows all divisions at least break even on net income...

All five divisions of the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities at least broke even last year... with four of them exceeding projected net income.  That from the unaudited Financial Summary presented to the board by BPU Business Manager Mike Anderson.  BPU General Manager Dave Leathers says the results were generally "acceptable."  Leathers expenses in the Electric Division ran about $2.6-million over budget... but, adds that was offset by a 5.1-percent increase in residential sales.  He adds -- overall -- the results came without rate hikes for the first time in history.  Leathers says Electric Division Net Income was $1.2-million more than budget.  On the Water side... he says net income was $686,000.  That's well above the budgeted income of $253,000.  Leathers adds that was much the same for the Waste Water Division... which had a net income of $614,000.  In addition... net income for Solid Waste came in $86,000 over budget.  Leathers says Water, Waste Water, and Solid Waste also saw expenses come in under budget... which is a credit to their employees.  Leathers says the one division that did not have a net income better than projected was District Heating and Cooling... which he says met budget.

County Clerk's office urges residents to renew registrations, other items, at local DMV due to computer issues in state-wide system...

On-going computer issues at the state Department of Motor Vehicles has made it hard for local DMV's to process transactions... especially vehicle registration renewals.  Deputy County Clerk Tracie Haskin says Clerk Larry Barmore has been in constant contact with the state DMV... and, state legislators from the region about the issue.  Haskin says it's holding up transactions at the county's three local DMV offices... but, she adds that since the problem is with the state system... you're better off renewing locally.  She says it's apparently an "I.T." issue.  Haskin says the best course is to drop off the registration information at your local office in advance... and, have their employees work on it.

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