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Goodell says on-time state budget within reach for fouth straight year...

New York state appears on track for having an on-time budget in place for the fourth-year in a row... which would be the first time in about half-a-century.  That from State Assemblyman Andy Goodell... who says committee work on the $137.2-billion spending plan has concluded.  Goodell says discussion then moved towards revenue projections.  In the not-to-distant past... that was a bone of contention... and, slowed the process.  However... Goodell says both Majority Democrats and Minority Republicans agreed fairly quickly on a final figure of $175-million.  He says that number was developed by the GOP's Technical Staff.  Goodell says at least some of the added revenues will be used to support added programming... or plug more money into other parts of the spending plan.  With agreement on revenue projections... Goodell says the Assembly should begin passing one-house bills next week... and, once the Senate approves it's bills... both chambers will move to budget reconcilliation.  Goodell says he's been asked to serve on the joint committee dealing with Social Services.

Goodell votes in favor of Common Core changes approved by Assembly...

After considerable debate... the state Assembly has approved a two part bill  that would delay portions of the Common Core education standards.  Local Assemblyman Andy Goodell was among the overwhelming majority that voted in favor of the bill.  Goodell says the bill includes two key parts.  The Bemus Point Republican says first... the bill would prevent schools from using Common Core-based test scores in staff and teacher evaluations for two years.  Goodell says the second item would prevent schools from using scores to decide whether a student will advance to the next grade... and, would also prevent districts from sharing a student's personal information... including test scores... from being shared with third-party vendors.  He says he also supported an amendment that would established a panel to decide on whether to use the testing standards at all... but, that was defeated.  Several lawmakers said it could jeopardize the state's federal "Race to the Top" grants.


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