Local News Headlines

Chautauqua County lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a revised resolution that gives the financially-troubled village of Forestville a one-time, 150-thousand dollar loan.  However the municipality will not be receiving an 87-thousand dollar reimbursement on tipping fees from the county landfill for an emergency demolition in 2009.  The measure which also includes two stipulations that the village look into dissolving itself was approved 18-to-1.  Silver Creek Republican George Borrello who represents Forestville as part of his district says this will greatly help the village and, not expose the county to too much risk. Jamestown Democrat Chuck Nazzaro opposed the original resolution mainly reimbursing the tipping fees but, he also felt making it a five-year loan at 3-percent was "more realistic."  Borello was at the village board's meeting Tuesday night where it accepted the new terms and, says the people there "understood and appreciated" what the county was doing.  Frewsburg Republican Ron Lemon was among those lawmakers who changed their minds just before last night's vote.  The only lawmaker voting "no" last night was West Ellicott's Lisa Vanstrom.


Forestville's mayor and other village officials say they are "grateful and relieved" that county lawmakers have approved giving them some financial help.  Mayor Kevin Johnson spoke before and after last night's vote emphasizing the need for the loan to pay off a water-line project.  Johnson also said the village board accepted the county's conditions at it's Tuesday meeting.  He called last night's action "a start...." Johnson says the village has also made some other moves to begin paying off it's loans... which total 400-thousand dollars.  With the county's loan... he says the tax increase has been lowered to 100-percent... or about 10-dollars per thousand assessed value.  The village's current leadership received some kudos for what they've done so far by Lakewood Republican Paul Wendel... who equated their situation with taking "command of the Titantic after it struck the iceberg."  The village's current tax rate is about 5-dollars-13 cents per thousand assessed value.  Johnson says they'll definately look at dissolution... but, he adds it won't be a quick and easy process.


The Chautauqua County Sheriff's office... and, other local police agencies... will again be taking part in the Nationwide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day this weekend.  This year... Sheriff Joe Gerace says the give-back day has taken on added emphasis with the problem both locally and nationally with opiate drug addiction.  Gerace says drug abuse, misuse... and, accidential poisoning are a "critical problem..." and, this is an excellent way to rid the community of potential dangerous drugs with no adverse impact on the environment. Gerace says the service will be provided at four locations in the county... and, is free to the public.  He says you can drop off the unused and unwanted prescription drugs this Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.  The federal Drug Enforcement Agency is partnering with local agencies to put on the program.  Drop off points are the Chautauqua Mall Parking Lot -- in front of the JC Penny store... and, the Southside Plaza in Jamestown.  The other two sites are Alstar Ambulance on Monroe Street in Dunkirk... and, Westfield Family Physicians on Main Street in Westfield. 


A town of Ashford man is the second, fatal motorcycle accident victim in Cattaraugus County this week.  State Police in Machias say 52 year-old Roy Beverlin, Junior of Bolton Road was riding on that road Tuesday when his bike missed a curve... and, struck a fence and trees off the west shoulder of the road.  No one saw the accident... so troopers had to reconstruct the crash scene.  A passing motorist found Beverlin unresponsive... and, called 9-1-1.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.


Some two-dozen fire departments across Chautauqua County will be holding open houses this weekend as part of the ongoing effort to find new recruits.  Recruit-New York is an annual effort to open up local departments to their communities to let people see their operations.  County Emergency Services Director Julius Leone says it's put on by the Firemen's Association of the State of New York.  Leone adds FASNY (Fass-Nee) has put on the program for a few years now. Leone says they're not just looking for firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians.  But... he says they also need people who work in accounting... and, other "life skills" areas that are needed to keep such operations going.  If you want to be a firefighter or EMT... Leone says free training is available.  He says local departments recruited just over 60 new members last year to become part of the fire service.  He says they want to improve on those numbers.  Most open houses begin at 10 AM Saturday.  Lakewood will hold one on both Saturday and Sunday.  For more information... call the Department of Emergency Services at 753-4341.


Texas Governor Rick Perry is challenging New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to a debate over economic policy as he ventures onto Cuomo's turf.  Perry is visiting New York to coax employers to move to Texas.  A Cuomo spokesman has offered no comment.