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News Update for Tues., May 6, 2014

Young helps secure $50,000 state grant for financially-troubled Forestville...

New York state is now coming to the aid of the financially-distressed Chautauqua County village of Forestville.  State Senator Cathy Young says she's secured $50,000 in emergency funds for the village for a new roof... and, other capital improvements that are needed immediately.  Young says the grant will provide some relief to village taxpayers who cannot afford the massive property tax increase resulting from the convergence of debt repayments and necessary, emergency building repairs.  The Olean Republican says "families already are struggling to pay their bills and Forestville has many seniors living on fixed incomes.  The situation is not the residents’ fault, and they need help."  The county recently helped alleviate the pain of a potential 445-percent tax increase with a $150,000 loan to the village.  The board recently approved a budget with a 112-percent increase.  In exchange, Forestville will undergo an audit by the State Comptroller examining the village’s finances over the last five years, and participate in a task force examining the village’s long-term viability.  However... Young says... even with the county’s help, the financial obstacles for the village persisted and more help was needed.