A Special Request

Once in awhile a story comes across our stations that we cannot ignore and feel the need to promote to our audience.  Here is one of those instances where a local family really needs YOUR HELP!  Read this message from JESSIE..."Not sure what your policy is on fundraising, but I’m desperate. My 2 year old was recently diagnosed with cancer (T Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma). We’re inpatient in Buffalo for chemo for at least a month. This follows my husband’s cancer diagnosis earlier in the fall. He gets IV treatments 5 days a week in jamestown, and drives back and forth despite his overwhelming fatigue. We are both out of work due to the situation. Our family is helping to care for our 5 year old daughter, despite my mom being treated for breast cancer currently as well. Its a complete nightmare. A gofundme page has been set up, I don’t know if it could be shared? Or I am open to any fundraising options if someone in the community wanted to help. Thank you for considering this request!" WANT TO HELP?  VISIT THE GO FUND ME PAGE - HERE!