News Update for Mon., May 26, 2014

Several units, including SWCS Bands, take part in Busti Memorial Day Parade, and observance...

Across southern Chautauqua County yesterday... there was patriotic music... and, speeches to commemoriate Memorial Day 2014.  The Southwestern High School Marching Band was one of several groups taking part in the first Memorial Day Parade of the day in the town of Busti.  The Southwestern Middle School Band... several local fire departments and other organizations also took part.  Pastor Lee O'Brien with the Busti Federated Church delivered the main address... and, reminded the gathering of why we pause to remember our war-dead on this day.  O'Brien says the new generations to come must be "built on strength, duty, honor and country," and able to follow in the warrior's footsteps when it comes to defending our country.  O'Brien also expressed his appreciation to the wives, husbands, and immediate family of those who have fallen for their sacrifices.  He talked about how Memorial Day -- first known as Decoration Day -- began.  It formally because a three-day, national holiday in 1971... and, he says -- unfortunately -- it's lost some of it's meaning.  But... adds he's happy that places like Busti honor the nation's war-dead.

Other Memorial Day Parades and ceremonies also held across region...

There were several other local Memorial Day Parades, and observances today.  Jamestown's annual Memorial Day parade stepped off under sunny skys at 10 this morning at Fourth and Lafayette Streets.  The parade processed up to Lakeview Cemetary... where a ceremony was held at Soldier's Circle in the cemetery.  We will have more from that tomorrow.  Pictures from the parade are on our Facebook page at Radio Jamestown.

The annual Memorial Day Service in Fentonville featured speaker Randall Lewis at the Fentonville United Methodist Church.  Following the service... those attending took part in the march to the Fentonville Cemetery... where a memorial service was held.

The annual Lakewood-Celoron parade began at Southwestern Central High School at 10:45 AM... and, concluded with a service at Sunset Hill Cemetery.

Finally... the town of Poland's annual parade and service began at 11:45 this morning.  There will then was a march to the Riverside Cemetery for the service... where the main speaker was Robert H. Jackson Center Director James Johnson.  We also have pictures from that parade on our Facebook page.