Three Peas in a Public Health Podcast

Three Peas in a Public Health Podcast
A Community Impact Project
Shelly Wells
We are Breeanne Agett, Lisa Schmidtfrerick-Miller, and Shelly Wells – three friends, Chautauqua County residents, and lovers of public health! We used to work together, and some of the best discussions about the health of our communities occurred when we were sitting and talking to each other informally. Although our professional lives have taken different paths (we are all still involved in public health), our desire to make our County better has remained strong. So, once a month we are going to sit down and chat about public health topics that are current and relevant to Chautauqua County. As our podcast episodes unfold, you will learn more about us - our interests and our passions. We hope you have time to join us! Breeanne has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and a Master of Public Health with a focus in Epidemiology. Lisa has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations. a Master of Science in Education, and a Certificate in Public Health Essentials. Shelly is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Management and is scheduled to graduate with a Master of Public Health in May of 2024.
Three Peas in a Public Health Podcast
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Episode #4

April 23rd, 2024 12:00am
If you only had 20, what nutritious foods could you purchase to make a meal? We challenged ourselves and each other to purchase a healthy meal, or meals, at a local store that sells food items...with a spending limit of 20. Could you do it? Have you thought about it? Join us as we share our different shopping experiences (we all went to a different store) - the good foods we purchased, the challenges we faced, and how we overcame those challenges. Who do you think had the most nutritious meal(s) and where did they shop?

Episode #3

March 22nd, 2024 12:00am
Join us as we reminisce about our experiences in supporting active transportation in the County - what it is; why we care; what has and can be done.

Episode #2

February 29th, 2024 12:00am
In the community health improvement world, we often recognize challenges, but don’t always have the opportunity or take the time to walk in the shoes of others. Join us as we share our experiences navigating the Chautauqua County transit system – CHQ Transit (previously CARTS).

Episode #1

January 23rd, 2024 12:00am
Our first episode is an introduction to public health and the social determinants of health – what they are and how they impact our ability to be well. Transportation is a challenge for many Chautauqua County residents; we talk a little bit about transportation and task ourselves with utilizing the CARTS public transportation system before our next episode, when we will share our experiences.