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New York is the latest state to confirm cases of a severe respiratory illness among children.  The state health department says there are more than a dozen children infected so far with the Enterovirus EV-D68.  Federal health officials have said it's an uncommon strain in a common family of viruses that cause infections from late summer into the fall.  Chautauqua County Director of Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler told us early last weekend that if your child suffers from respiratory problems... like asthma... and, gets early cold symptoms... get them to their doctor. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this year's outbreak is unusually severe and includes serious breathing problems.  The virus usually causes mild cold-like symptoms that last about a week.  Most children recover without lasting problems.  There is no vaccination.  Schuyler urges everyone to practice prevention during this time.  She says that involves hand-washing, disinfecting surfaces and any usual steps to prevent the spread of flu.  The CDC says has confirmed cases in six other states as of Friday.


One person has been arrested following a large fight that occured shortly before closing at a bar on Jamestown's eastside early Sunday morning.  City police were called to the Bullfrog Hotel at 1414 East Second Street shortly before 2 AM... and, found several people had been hurt.  While Alstar Ambulance responded to the scene to treat those hurt... no one had to be transported to the hospital.  Officers say their investigation led to the arrest of 45 year-old Shawn Savaree... who had been involved in the fight... and, allegedly assaulted a woman at the bar.  Savaree is also accused of resisting arrest... and, had to be subdued and forced into a patrol car so he could be taken to the city jail.  He was jailed on charges of third-degree assault... resisting arrest... and, obstruction of governmental administration.


Despite some noise being made by his opponent in last week's Democratic State Primary... incumbant Governor Andrew Cuomo is in good shape to win a second-term in office.  That from Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi... a fellow Democrat who has long been a supporter of Cuomo's.  Teresi says he doesn't agree with everything Cuomo has done... but, adds there are some things he's done as mayor Cuomo may not agree with.  Still... while challenger Zephyr Teachout received 34-percent of the vote... Teresi believes Cuomo is the best man to lead the state.
Cuomo took most of the heat from the liberal end of the Democrat Party for not pushing for a "Millionaire's" tax... and, for eliminiating the Corporate Income Tax in the current year's budget.  While Cuomo was criticized by liberals for allowing more tax breaks to businesses, and the wealthy... it's been received positively upstate.  Teresi says there have been a number of positives to Cuomo's first term.  On the other hand... Cuomo says Teachout ran a good campaign... and, brought up a "lot of good issues" he feels were worthy of bring brought up.  Teresi made his comments on this past weekend's "Community Spotlight" program.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's two main election rivals are again calling for debates, though they don't agree on who should participate.  Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins says that he should be included in debates along with Cuomo and the Republican candidate... Westchester County executive Rob Astorino.  Astorino has proposed as many as eight two-man debates against Cuomo, a Democrat.  He has said third party candidates shouldn't be permitted.  Cuomo has said he believes he believes he will participate in debates before the November election, but he'll let the campaigns work out the details.  Cuomo refused to debate his primary opponent, law professor Zephyr Teachout. He won Tuesday's primary 62 percent to 34 percent.  Teachout says Friday that Hawkins should be allowed to debate.


U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is proposing legislation to ban 10 flame retardants from upholstered furniture and children's products... saying the chemicals have been linked to developmental delays in children and rare cancers in firefighters when treated furniture burns.  The New York Democrat says studies have also shown that the 10 most toxic retardants in the padding of furniture and children's products like crib mattresses and changing table pads are not effective in reducing fire risks.  According to Schumer's office... a study by the Environmental Working Group and Duke University published in August found children at particular risk from closer contact with the products and dust particles that contain the toxins.  The bill would require the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban the 10 and review all other chemical flame retardants.


Officials at the Dunkirk School District are hoping to land a 500-thousand dollar yearly state Pathway in Technology Early College High School -- or P-Tech -- Grant that would allow students to earn their associates degree.  Under the proposed educational training program... the Dunkirk School District would serve as the lead educational agency with BOCES serving as the facilitator.  School Superintendent Gary Cerne (Sir-Nee) says students at the middle school level would be given the opportunity to enroll in the unique learning environment.
The 2-year debree program would be open to students at all area school districts.  The curriculum would include: welding, mechanical technology and precision machining.  The grant money would be used to help pay the tuition costs with Jamestown Community College serving as the educational partner.  School officials plan to file for the grant next week Friday... and, anticipate an answer this November.


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