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State Police investigating fatal car crash in Warren County...

A Warren County, PA woman was killed yesterday afternoon when her car was struck head-on by another vehicle on Mathews Run Road in Sugar Grove Township.  State Police in Warren say 72 year-old Jeanette Ickes of Youngsville was southbound just after 3 p.m. when her car was struck by the other vehicle.  Troopers say the other driver, 54 year-old Laurie Steber of Sugar Grove, was northbound on Mathews Run when her car went into the on-coming lane of traffic for an unknown reason.  Police say Ickes was prounced dead at the scene... while Steber suffered moderate injuries.  The investigation into the crash is continuing.

Reed continuing to weigh vote on continued air strikes, supporting Iraqi and Syrian troops fighting ISIS...

Chautauqua County's Congressman says he appreciates President Obama's speech last week on the need to respond to the threat posed by ISIS -- or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  However... Corning Republican Tom Reed says he's continuing to weigh input from residents in the 23rd Congressional District... and, military leaders leading up to a vote on supporting Iraqi and Syrian opposition forces.  Reed hosted two Town Hall meetings over the weekend... and, says while people are "war-weary..." they also recognize the threat ISIS has become -- and, may remain in the future.  Congress will vote on supporting such a move.  It's believed that the president will ask for $500,000 to support the opposition... and, air strikes in the region.  Reed says the "devil will be in the detals..." especially regarding a long-term solution to stamp out Islamic-backed terrorism in the Middle East.  He says he's glad to see members of the international community joining us in a coalition to fight back against ISIS.  The terrorist organization has beheaded two U.S. journalists... and, an English relief worker.

NYS Tax receipts up while income gap grows between rich and lower-income residents grows...

New York tax collections have continued rising despite a growing income gap between its richest residents and everyone else... while a national study shows overall growth in state tax receipts slowing as the income gap widens across the U.S.  State officials say New York's progressive income tax rate, which rises to nearly 9-percent for earnings above $1.03-million, buoys its largest revenue stream for public services and programs.  However, a new Standard & Poor's study suggests gains flowing to the top one-percent come at a broader cost to society, stunting overall economic growth and slowing average yearly gains in states' tax revenues.  It shows New York's annual average state tax revenue growth fell from 9.26-percent from 1950 to 1979 to 5.28-percent in the last decade.


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WJTN News Headlines for July 6, 2020

A city man is jailed after allegedly trying to pull a hand-gun on another person during a fight on Jamestown's southside last Saturday afternoon.  City police were called to the scene at 68...

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