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WJTN News Headlines

Two city residents have been arrested for allegedly selling cocaine and marijuana from their upstairs apartment on Jamestown's southside.  City Police Lieutenant Paul Abbott says the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, and JPD SWAT Team, concluded a several week-long investigation with a raid at 105 McKinley Avenue late Wednesday afternoon.  Abbott says officers arrested 25 year-old Matthew Williams... and, Lauren Carlson -- also 25 -- and, seized a quantity of cocaine... marijuana... and, suspected drug money.  Both Williams and Carlson are charged with Felony third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, criminal possession of marijuana.  Both were arraigned... and, sent to the county jail without bail.


An investigation by Dunkirk Police into last Sunday night's robbery in the north county city has led to the arrest of a Dunkirk.  Police Chief David Ortolano says they were able to locate and pick up 30 year-old Cantrel Stewart for allegedly holding up the Walgreen's store on January 11th.  Ortolano says the release of surveillance photos by several media outlets were a big help. Stewart is currently being held in the city lock up awaiting arraignment on a charge of third-degree robbery in Dunkirk City Court. 


Chautauqua County's representative in the state Senate is calling on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to allow his chamber to take action on the Women's Equality Agenda.  Olean Republican Cathy Young says the Senate has unanimously approved an historic package of laws that include provisions to ensure equal pay for equal work... and, protections against discrimination.  Young says passing the Women's Equality Agenda has been a Senate 'mission' for three years... and, calls their unanimous vote a "monumental step forward...." However... Young says a bill that "greatly expands abortion rights" is the hang-up in Albany.  She says many members of the Assembly -- including majority Democrats -- would like to take up the measures individually... and, said so during a bi-partisan press conference last year.  Young emphasizes that local Assemblymen Andy Goodell and Joe Giglio "fully support" the Senate’s Women's Equality Agenda... and, are prepared to vote 'yes' on the Senate bills if given a chance.


Senator Cathy Youth says the state legislative session got off to a "subdued" start with the passing of former Governor Mario Cuomo back on New Year's Day.  However... Young says they got off to a "quick" start by passing the Women's Equality Act.  She says they also successfully repealed part of the Wage Theft Prevention Act... which businesses viewed as an unnecessary mandate because it was a duplication of something they were already doing.  She called it "anti-common sense."  Young says she hopes the Senate's action will set the "tone" for the rest of the session that they want to grow jobs... and, make New York state more business 'competitive."


State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the state's data security law is weak and he wants an overhaul requiring businesses to protect the personal information of consumers and employees.  Schneiderman says in the event of a data breach or unauthorized disclosure, companies and employers are merely required to notify affected individuals if ``private information'' is compromised.  That doesn't include email addresses and passwords, security questions, medical history and health insurance information.


An agreement has been worked out between the group's proposing competing pipeline plans to supply natural gas for NRG's Repower Dunkirk project.  The Dunkirk Gas Corporation has reached an agreement in principle with National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation that provides for NFG to construct and operate the 9.5-mile natural gas pipeline.  NRG Energy's David Gaier (Guyer) says the agreement should move the process along. Local State Senator Cathy Young, who has been pushing for the project that will convert the plant from a coal to natural gas-fired facility, says the development is "fantastic news."  Young says details still need to be worked out... but, the major stumbling blocks have been removed.  The two proposals were the focus of a PSC hearing that was held in Fredonia last October.  Young believes the public's support for the project has made a difference.  NRG wanted the pipeline to be available by next September... but, Gaier says that may be moved back.


An Erie, Pennsylvania family has expanded their restaurant business by opening a new pizza and wing eatery in downtown Jamestown.  Fresco's Pizza and Wings held it's grand opening yesterday at it's 2 East Second Street in the first floor of the Fenton building.  It's the location of the former Fenton Grill and Roberto's... which had been vacant for some time.  The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, and city of Jamestown worked with building owner Brian Taylor to find a new occupant for the location.  Fresco's Owner, Sergey (Sir-JAY) Kodzayan (Koe-G-eye-in) says he's excited about this new opportunity. Taylor says when he found out Khodzayan was looking for a location outside of Erie... but, not far away... he showed him the location... and, says it took about six months to bring it all together.  Mayor Sam Teresi commended Taylor for the work he's done on that block of the city. Fresco's opens each day at 11 AM... and close at 10 PM Mondays through Thursdays... Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays... and, 9 PM Sundays.  Their phone number is 664-6464.


State lawmakers have proposed funding bulletproof glass for police cars in New York City.  Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Felix Ortiz says the legislation has bipartisan support.  Ortiz says it's an important safety measure and first step in improving conditions for police following last month's shooting death of two officers sitting in their patrol car.