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WJTN News Headlines

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office has reported it's fourth-save of a victim since beginning to use naloxone hydrochloride... otherwise known as Narcan.  Sheriff Joe Gerace confirms that deputies used Narcan to revive a female heroin overdose victim in the town of Stockton around 12:30 PM Monday.  Gerace says it's the fourth time that deputies have used "Narcan."  One other "save" involved Deputy giving CPR.  The female, whose name was not released, was revived by deputies.  She was then taken to Brooks Memorial Hospital for treatment.


The "fourth" Narcan save by Chautauqua County Sheriff's officers occured earlier in the weekend in the town of Hanover.  Deputies say they were called to the scene... along with Fire rescue personnel... just before 5:30 PM Saturday.  Upon arrival... officers administered Naloxone to an unresponsive male.  Deputies say male regained consciousness... and was transported to Lake Shore Hospital for further treatment.


An East Randolph man has been arrested for allegedly being found with several types of illegal narcotics... including Methamphetime... and, a weapon early last weekend.  Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Deputies say they arrested 41 year-old David Adams during a raid late last Friday at a home at 125 Main Street.  Officers... along with members of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force's Olean Office say Adams was allegedly found with the drugs... and, some stolen firearms.  He was arraigned in Randolph Town Court on charges of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, criminal possession of a weapon... and, sent to the Cattaraugus County Jail on 50-thousand dollars cash bail.  The investigation is continuing.


While it's just the "framework" of a nuclear deal with Iran... local Congressman Tom Reed says he's "very concerned" about the agreement reached in Switzerland late last week.  President Obama has called the agreement -- once finalized -- a "once in a lifetime opportunity to stop Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon."  The president also says it would be a move towards "stablizing the Middle East."  From where he stands... Reed calls the deal unacceptable. There are a number of lawmakers... and, Americans... who oppose any kind of deal with the Iranian government.  Reed says his concerns go beyond that.  For one... he says there's almost the immediate dropping of economic... and, other sanctions once the deal takes effect.  At the same time... Reed says Iran is allowed to still have the centrifuges needed for nuclear enrichment.  given Iran's track-record... he says he would have demanded that all the centrafuges be destroyed.  Reed made his comments during his weekly telephone Conference Call with Southern Tier Media.  One federal lawmaker has proposed a measure to reject the deal.


Chautauqua County's Congressman says he's pleased to see the Obama Administration set down regulations to allow hydrofracking on public lands in the U-S.  At the same time... Corning Republican Tom Reed is continuing to urge Governor Cuomo to reconsider the out-right ban he's put in place in New York State.  Reed says he still can't believe Cuomo won't allow high-volume, horizontal fracturing when even California is allowing it.  Traditionally... California has some of the most onerous environmental laws in the nation. Reed says the oil and gas now being developed provides the U-S with energy independence that also improves our national security.  With the Obama administration's decision... Reed now believes Cuomo's decision was purely 'politics' as opposed to the actual science and data involved.  He says the governor's had seven years to review... and, decide on this.  Reed hopes the move by Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency will put pressure on the Cuomo Administration to lift the current moratorium.  The A--P recently reported that some 95-thousand oil and gas wells exist on federal land.


There is good news for local water customers of the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities... who have been keeping exposed water pipes running due to a deep freeze-line in the ground.  BPU Spokeswoman Becky Robbins says the ground is thawing... and, the threat of freeze-ups is gone.  Most residential water lines are about 4-foot-2 inches in the ground... and, the freeze line was below that in places in late February.  The BPU had urged residents to run a pencil thin drip in those lines so they wouldn't freeze up.


The Jamestown School Board will receive the first "draft" of a 2015-16 budget during tonight's regular board meeting at Lincoln Elementary School.  The spending plan was crafted using the final numbers from the new state budget... which increases the district's state aid to about 51-and-a-half-million dollars.  However... School Superintendent Tim Mains says that still leaves about a 2-million dollar shortfall.  Mains says State Senator Cathy Young told him there are a couple of other funding options... one being "Bullet Aid...." Mains stays he has further discussed the idea of seeking that kind of funding from Senator Young.  He's asked for the criteria... and, what formula is involved.  Otherwise... Mains says they're looking at possible spending cuts -- including those in personnel.  He has discussed a number of scenarios with the board on how to close what was a 5-million dollar gap... and, numbers that are lower.  The board gave him three areas they want looked at.  The main one is protecting class sizes in the elementary grades.


They may have loved ``I Love Lucy...'' but, some people in actress-comedian Lucille Ball's childhood home of Celoron have no affection for her life-size statue in a local park.  The bronze sculpture was unveiled in 2009 in Lucille Ball Memorial Park... but, it's recently been blasted by some who say it bears little or no likeness to the star of the popular 1950s sitcom.  Village officials confirm that they want the sculptor to fix it for free... but, the artist -- Dave Poulin -- wants as much as 10-thousand dollars to alter the statue.  With that... the village is looking at ways to to raise the money for the sculpture's makeover.  The sculpture was donated to the village as part of a previous real estate transaction.  An unofficial statue replacement campaign has been launched on Facebook under the name... ``We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue.''  No one has taken credit for putting up the page.


He just won re-election... but, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is already looking ahead to a possible third term.  New York Board of Elections records show Cuomo's campaign committee has changed its name to ``Andrew Cuomo 2018.''  A spokesman for the Democrat's campaign declined to comment Monday on the new name.  The change was first reported by the Daily News, which also reported that Cuomo is holding a 15-thousand dollar-a-person fundraiser in New York City on Tuesday.  Cuomo was re-elected in November and hasn't said whether he wants a third term.  Until recently, he was widely believed to be considering a presidential run in 2016.  Larry Schwartz, a former top Cuomo aide who left the administration this year, said in a statement that he would ``bet anything'' that Cuomo runs again.


Mental health advocates say New York lawmakers have added $1.5 million to the state budget for more pilot programs to train police officers in dealing with the mentally ill.  The money for the fiscal year that began Wednesday will expand the list of jurisdictions where police get the training, intended to ensure connections between police, families and people in crisis and keep them out of the criminal justice system.  The last state budget contained $400,000 for the training to help officers assess and de-escalate confrontations when called to incidents involving psychologically troubled people.  It was used for training police in Auburn, Binghamton, Clarkstown, Hempstead, Newburgh, Syracuse, Utica and St. Lawrence County.  The New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services says proposed funding from both the Assembly and Senate were added.