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Woman's body found near Cherry Creek Road; police believe it's missing woman... 
Authorities have ended the search for a Cherry Creek woman who had been missing since a week ago yesterday.  Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace tells us they believe they have found the body of 56 year-old Karen Christian.  The discovery was made in a wooded-area near Aldrich Hill Road in the town of Cherry Creek.  While not revealing a lot of details... Gerace says they believe the remains do belong to the woman that had disappeared from her Plank Road residence.  He thanked all those agencies involved in the search... and, says it's a difficult time for everyone, "especially the family."  Gerace says they hope to have a positive identification once an autopsy is completed.

Reed says he's "disappointed" in ruling on Obamacare by SCOTUS...

Congressman Tom Reed says he's "disappointed" by the U-S Supreme Court ruling upholding federal subsidies for Americans enrolled in the Afforable Care Act.  Reed says the court is ignoring the legislation's wording... which says, "an exchange established by the state."  In the ruling in the case King v. Burwell... Reed says the court determined that everyone who purchases healthcare through a public exchange is eligible for federal subsidies in order to offset the cost of that purchase.  The Corning Republican adds that "Obamacare has been flawed from the very beginning, and as a Congress we need to make every effort to repeal the law."  More later on this story.

County Legislature unanimously approves $100,000 for Dunkirk Seawall emergency repairs...

The Chautauqua County Legislature has unanimously approved giving the city of Dunkirk $100,000 in Bed Tax funding to help cover the cost of emergency repairs to the Dunkirk Sea Wall.  The nearly $250,000 project has now been completed on the wall... which is located behind the city's Water Treatment Plant.  While voicing their approval... a couple of lawmakers urged Dunkirk to also work cooperatively with the county on creating a North County Water District.  One was Sheridan Republican Terry Neibel... who says while the Seawall is a "worthwhile project, so is the North County Water District."  Neibel says that's especially regarding future economid development.  The other was Dunkirk Democrat Keith Ahlstrom... who applauded Councilman At-Large Willie Rosas for working with him and fellow lawmaker Shaun Heenan... to obtain more than the $40,000 originally requested.

Legislature approves moving $225,000 from CLMC Capital Reserves to new Lake and Watershed Alliance...

County lawmakers have okayed the reallocation of $225,000 from the Chautauqua Lake Management Commission to help get new grants through the new Chautauqua Lake and Watershed Management Alliance.  However... support was not unanimous.  The measure was approved Wednesday night 16-to-2.  Legislature Chairman Jay Gould, and lawmaker John Runkle voted "no."  Gould says he and Runkle felt it was too much money... adding that if the CLMC was seeking $50,000 to leverage grant monies... he would have no problem with it.  He says the money belongs in the Capital Reserve Fund.  Gould calls the $225,000 being reallocated something akin to a "slush fund."  But, adds that's his own opinion.  There was $253,000 left in the capital projects account.  The account was started in 2008 and 2009 with just over $602,000 in it.  The money has been, and is to be used to leverage monies used for projects benefitting the water quality of Chautauqua Lake.  


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