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Flood waters in Chautauqua County receeding, however, clean-up underway and some roads remain closed...

The clean-up is underway across many parts of Chautauqua County after about 5-inches of rain fell in some areas...especially in the north county and Lake Erie shoreline areas.  That from County Emergency Services Director Julius Leone... who says... after some tense moments early on... the situation calmed in Silver Creek last night.  Leone says the creek overflowed it's banks about 5 PM.  However... he says the rain stopped... and, the waters began to receed about 6 o'clock.  Leone says there was a lot of mud and debris on the streets, and people's yards.  He says emergency personnel did have to evacuate about 20 people from a nearby trailer park that was hit hard by flood waters a few years ago.  He adds, though, that no one was seriously hurt... and, he took his "hat off" to local fire crews.  As for Brocton and Westfield... where flood waters struck overnight after slow-moving storms dumped 3 to 4 inches of rain in about an hour... the clean-up is well underway there, also.  In fact... Fire personnel from 12 companies pumped out between 60 and 70 basements in Brocton and the town of Portland.  Many roads that were closed have reopened... but, officials warn that many may still have debris on them so extreme driving caution is advised.

Tuesday's thunderstorms have also caused high water along a number of streams and creeks across the region.  Late this morning... County Executive Vince Horrigan said Route 60 between Cassadaga and Fredonia is again closed... as is Lake Avenue in Brocton.

Westfield residents and businesses under "strict water conservation" order...

More water woes this afternoon for the village of Westfield.  The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services has put water customers there under a "strict water conservation order."  That from Environmental Health Director Mark Stow... who says the village was forced to shut down it's water filtration plant because they could not produce water that meets Health Department standards.  With that... ALL residents and businesses served by the village water system are being notified to conserve water where ever possible until further notice.  The Village has enough water in storage to last over two days... but, they need all their customers to conserve water until the water plant is again operational.  Meatime... a boil water order remains in effect until further notice only for those water customers located along Route 5 west of Walker Road in the Town of Westfield.

City school board approves six construction contracts for Love Elementary School capital project...

The Jamestown School Board has awarded six contracts totalling just over $7.3-million for a major renovation project at Love Elementary School.  The contracts were approved unanimously at last night's meeting.  School Superintendent Tim Mains says they're pleased to now have the agreements in place so the project can get underway shortly.  Mains adds that all the bids they approved came in just under budget... and, that's good news.  He says they have just over $8-million set aside for the project.  Mains says E.E. Austin of Erie, PA -- with a local officer in Falconer -- will be the general contractor for the project... which will involve a variety of electrical, and heating and cooling work.  Mains says that will bring Love Elementary into the "21st Century..." something they're working to do with all the city district buildings.  Love School will be closed for the entire 2015-16 school year while the work is done.

New Save-A-Lot store opens in Lakewood...

Reaction to the opening of the first, stand-alone supermarket in Lakewood in more than a decade has been very positive.  That from Save-A-Lot owner Dave Waller... on the opening of his second store in the Jamestown-area.  The doors opened on the new, Fairmount Avenue location just before 8 this morning.  Waller says his work crews had to do a lot of work on the former Super Duper location... but, adds it's been worth it.  He says reaction has been very positive, and people have been looking forward to the new store opening.  Waller says this Save-A-Lot is very similar to their Jamestown location.  The Lakewood store takes up just over 13,000 square feet of space.  Waller says Save-A-Lot is a "deep discount" store with a limited variety of the items people need.  He says they might have just three kinds of ketchup... but, with... they're able to buy in bulk and pass on the savings to customers.  The Lakewood Save-A-Lot's hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturdays... and, 8 to 5 on Sundays.

New Siena poll favors Cuomo over di Blasio...

A poll says New York state voters are siding with Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his clash with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  The Siena College survey found that 39 percent of voters statewide back Cuomo over de Blasio, compared to 28 percent who side with the mayor.  De Blasio had slightly more support than Cuomo among Democrats and New York City voters.  Last month... the mayor said Cuomo had disappointed him ``at every turn'' and pursues vendettas against opponents.  Cuomo has regularly thwarted de Blasio's agenda and has said his fellow Democrat doesn't know how to compromise.  The poll found that Cuomo's favorability dropped to 49 percent from 53 percent last month. 

Reed strongly critical of Obama Administration's Iran nuke deal...

Local Congressman Tom Reed is critical of the potential nuclear deal reached with Iran Tuesday.  The Corning Republican says the deal is "politically motivated... " adding the President is seeking a deal for the sake of simply reaching an agreement for "his own personal legacy."  Reed adds that "giving weapons and cash to Iran in exchange for empty promises is no way to protect America."  He says the agreement may "temporarily delay Iran from getting a nuclear weapon during the next 16 months..." but, adds that "the bottom line is that it allows Iran to become a nuclear state."


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