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Recovery efforts and effort to get disaster declaration next for flood victims in Chautauqua County...

Recovery efforts are well underway along the Lake Erie shoreline in Chautauqua County... but, officials say the region came through this weeks flooding disaster as well as it could have.  During a press conference in Mayville late Wednesday... county officials updated efforts to clean-up the affected areas... and, prevent disease and illness from contaminated water.  County Emergency Services Director Julius Leone praised first-responders and others for their work... and, says the next step is obtaining state and federal disaster declarations.  Leone says the partnerships formed to deal with the part couple of days have helped a lot of victims.  He says the local goal for state assistance is $386,000... which he believes will be easily met.  However... the federal number is $20-million.  County Executive Vince Horrigan says it's important for local governments, residents and businesses to document and take pictures of their damage.  County Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler says there is still only one boil water order in place along Route 5 from Walker Road to Shorehaven in the town of Westfield.  Red Cross leaders on hand advised the public that clean-up kits are available in the areas affected.  They will be available today at the Westfield Academy and High School.

Spanos says three County roads remain closed due to flooding, erosion...

Travel along the northern Lake Erie shoreline in Chautauqua County remains tricky in many areas... and, some roads do remain closed due to debris or severe undermining.  County Public Facilities Director George Spanos says there are three county roads that are currently closed.  Spanos says Route 380 in the Stockton-Portland area will be closed about two weeks... while County Route 37 in the town of Chautauqua will hopefully be re-opened within a month.  He says Kabob Road in the Stockton area should reopen once the water receeds.  Spanos and Horrigan say they're not sure about local roads... though it's know that part of Woleben Road in the town of Portland suffered severe undermining... and, the road washed out in one area.  As far as north-south routes... officials say Route 60 from Cassadaga and Fredonia has only one-lane now open... and, is restricted with a traffic light.

County Legislator warns of possible scamming from flood problems, and "help" phone numbers given...

Where there is great need... there is also great opportunity... and, that sometimes comes in the form of scams.  That warning is being issued in the form of a warning from the Chautauqua County Legislator from Silver Creek, and the town of Hanover.  George Borrello was among the officials on hand for yesterday's news conference in Mayville.  Borrello says word's gotten back to him about some alleged scammers in the village where someone's been trying to sell "after-the-fact" flood insurance, or charging exorbitant clean-up fees.  There is also a lot of help for residents... who may have physical or psychological needs in the flood-striken areas of the county.  County Executive Vince Horrigan says if there's an emergency... call 9-1-1.  But... if you need information... call 2-1-1.  Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler says their helpline for social services is 661-8094.  For mental health needs... she says their mobile crisis team can be reached at 1-800-724-0461.

Water Conservation Order now in place in Westfield...

More water woes for the village of Westfield.  The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services has put water customers there under a "strict water conservation order."  That from Environmental Health Director Mark Stow... who says the village was forced to shut down it's water filtration plant because they could not produce water that meets Health Department standards.  With that... all residents and businesses served by the village water system are being notified to conserve water where ever possible until further notice.  The Village has enough water in storage to last over two days... but, they need all their customers to conserve water until the water plant is again operational.  The heavy rains from yesterday caused mud and other particulates to flow into their reservoir, which overwhelmed the water filtration plant.  The plant was immediately shut down... therefore there is currently no risk to the public from drinking the water.

County Health officials trying to track down "Good Samaritan..." dog involved in vicious attack in Jamestown...

Chautauqua County health officials are trying to locate a fisherman who assisted a man being attacked by a dog on the trails around Chadakoin Park in Jamestown on Wednesday.  Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler says the "Good Samaritan" was described as a 6-foot-3 white male weighing about 240 pounds... with blond hair, and wearing blue jean shorts and a red shirt.  The man may have been bitten while helping to pull the dog off the victim during the 3 p.m. attack.  The dog, described as a large brown Pit Bull with no collar, came out of the bushes unprovoked and attacked a man, grabbing onto his upper leg and not letting go.  The fisherman heard the screams of the victim... and, ran to assist by pulling the dog off of the victim.  The dog got away.  Health Department officials need to find the Good Samaritan to determine if he was bitten, also.  If you have any information on the incident... contact the Department of Health and Human Services at 753-4489... during regular business hours or the Sheriff's Office at 753-4232 after regular hours.

JPS Board awards several contracts for Love Elementary School project...

Six contracts have been awarded by the Jamestown School Board for the approximately $8-million renovation project at Love Elementary School.  The agreement were approved unanimously at Tuesday night's board meeting.  School Superintendent Tim Mains says the project will entail a significant amount of electrical, and heating and cooling work.  Mains says intalling a new air conditioning system is one of the main items... with a handicapped entrance, and a secure vestibule at the main office.  Mains says E.E. Austin of Erie, PA - with a local office in Falconer -- will be the general contractor for the project... and, the electrical work will be done by Ahlstrom-Shaeffer Electric in Jamestown.  He says the project will bring Love Elementary into the "21st Century..." which is something they're working to do with all the city district buildings.  He reminds parents that Love School will be closed during the 2015-2016 school year while the work is done.

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