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City police release video of Fresco's Pizzeria burglary, say scope of investigation broadens...

Jamestown police have now released a video surveillance tape of the two alleged burglars involving in the break-in at Fresco's Pizzeria on East Second Street during the overnight hours of July 7-8.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says they are working with Buffalo-area police -- and others in the region -- to see if the pair may have been involved in other break-ins.  Samuelson says the two white males... who were wearing partial maskes... were wearing t-shirts and shorts.  The break-in occured just before Midnight on Tuesday, July 7.  Investigators say they are working to identify the men from evidence found at the scene... and, are asking for the public's help in identifying the pair.  The information has also been turned over to CRIMESTOPPERS in Buffalo.  Anyone with information can contact City Police at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.  The video clip can be viewed on the Jamestown Police Department's Facebook page.

Help numbers announced for people needing information or in crisis due to flooding...

There is a lot of help available for Chautauqua County residents impacted by this past week's severe flooding.  That from county officials during Wednesday afternoon's press conference on the status of the clean-up... and, what's available to people living in the flood-ravaged areas.  If you have an emergency... County Executive Vince Horrigan says call 9-1-1.  However... if you're looking for information... he says call the 2-1-1 Referral Line.  In addition... County Director of Health and Human Services Christine Schuyler says there are also crisis numbers for people having a hard time psychologically with what's happened.  Schuyler says their mobile crisis team can be reached at 1-800-724-0461.  Schulyer adds that, if someone is eligible for social services... they should call 661-8094.  There is also something residents affect should look out for -- scams.  That warning is being issued from Chautauqua County Legislator George Borrello from Silver Creek, and the town of Hanover.  Borrello says word's gotten back to him about some alleged scammers.  One type is trying to sell "after-the fact" insurance... while others are offering to do clean-up work for exhobitant amounts of money.

Westfield water situation back to normal... one county road reopended after flood waters receed...

There are two pieces of good news today for water customers in the village and town of Westfield.  The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services says the water conservation order that's been in place since the flooding occured earlier this week has been lifted.  Environmental Health Director Mark Stow says the cloudiness in the reservoir has decreased... and, the drinking water filtration plant is back to normal operation.  In addition... Stow says the boil water order for Westfield water customers along Route 5 west of Walker Road in the town of Westfield has also been lifted.  If you have any questions... call the Westfield Water Department at 326-2832.
In addition... one of the three county roads closed due to this week's flooding in the north county... and, along the Lake Erie Shoreline... has been reopened.  The county's Dpartment of Public Facilities says Kabob Road in the town of Stockton... has again been opened between Route 380 and Waterman Road.  However... two other roads... Route 380 in the Stockton-Portland area, and County Route 37 in the town of Chautauqua remain closed.

Goldin says migrants, others seeking a better life, should not be chided for their efforts...

Immigration is one of the biggest issues confronting the United States... and, the world... but, there is a disconnect between economies, and what migrants contribute.  Those are the feelings of today's featured lecturer at Chautauqua Institution to wrap up "Immigration" week.  Ian Goldin is the professor of Globalization and Development... and, the director of the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University.  Speaking with our Jim Roselle... Goldin says after the economic side is factored in... politics enters in.  Goldin says that's because it's based on perceptions, which tend to be negative.  He has authored 50 books... including on about immigrants entitled "Exceptional People... "in which he shares immigrant and migrant worker stories.  In many cases... he says there may be a young man or woman trying to help their family -- or siblings -- by earning money in America... and, sending it home.  Goldin says these people often take "huge risks" to try and ecsape poverty.  He was the Vice-President of the World Bank from 2003-to-2006.

Gonzales also addresses Immigration at Chaut...

For the estimated 11-million illegal immigrants in the United States... citizenship is not the issue.  Making a better life for themselves is.  Those are the feelings of Thursday's featured lecturer at Chautauqua Institution.  Former U-S Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has even co-authored a new book on the subject.  Speaking with our Jim Roselle... Gonzales said the nation "needs to do better" on the issue in a "post-9/11" era because immigration is a federal responsibility, and it seems the government is side-stepping that responsibility.  Gonzales says people here illegally should be put on a path to citizenship... but, not to the "head of the line" over those who are doing it legally.  Gonzales spoke as part of "Immigration: Origins and Destinations" Week at Chautauqua.

Gas prices remain at $2.94 this week in Jamestown-area...

Gasoline prices in Chautauqua County haven’t changed over the past week.  That from the AAA's weekly Fuel Gauge Report... which says the price for regular, unleaded hasn't moved over the past seven days.  The price of $2.94 is the average based on reports from 19 service stations in the Jamestown area.  The national average is now $2.77.  AAA says the average price is just fractions of a penny more than a week ago... and, is at the lowest mark for this date in nearly five years.  Nationally... the Fuel Gauge Report says the retail average has fallen for 19 of the past 30 days.  Many consumers continue to save at the pump with national prices down three cents per gallon month-over-month.  Triple-A says domestic supply factors continue to influence gas prices in some states.  However, lower global crude oil prices are contributing downward pressure on gasoline prices across the nation. 


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