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Philbin announced as moderator for panel to discuss longevity of Letterman Shows added to Lucy Comedy Festival line-up....

A big name TV entertainer and talk show host has been added to the star-studded line-up for this year's Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.  Regis Philbin has agreed to host a panel discussion about the longest-running late night T-V show... which he appeared on more than 150 times.  Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center of Comedy Director Journey Gunderson says Philbin will also be here in Jamestown to help break ground on the new, National Comedy Center on the city's westside on Saturday, August 1st.  Gunderson says Philbin will host the panel of long-time members of "Late Night with David Letterman" on Thursday night, July 30th at the Willow Bay Theater on East Third Street.  Former Stage Manager Biff Henderson will be among those on hand.  Tickets are just $10 each.  For more information... call 484-0800... or go on-line to www.lucycomedyfest.com.

Horrigan says Lake Erie shoreline flooding clean-up continuing; help available for victims...

Flood recovery efforts continue this week across the North County, and Lake Erie shoreline area hit by last week's flash flooding.  County Executive Vince Horrigan says a disaster assistance center will be open through today at the Portland Fire Hall.  Horrigan says they have a "comprehensive disaster assistance team" together joining county agencies with local, and non-profit agencies in place to assist.  County and local highway crews are continuing clean-up work following the storms that brought up to 6 inches of rainfall in some spots.  Horrigan says the county may not have enough damage to qualify for federal help... although they are still in the process of compiling damage estimates.  He says that goes for possible state help as well, because those numbers will also include other counties' totals.  Horrigan says the Small Business Administration will have representatives in the area by mid week, and they'll be reaching out to smaller businesses that may have been impacted by the flash flooding.

Reed says, upon further review, that yes, Iranian Nuke Deal as bad as first believed...

Congressman Tom Reed won't be among the supporters of the Nuclear Arms deal with Iran.  The Corning Republican said after the deal was announced that it was a bad deal.  Since then he's had a chance to further read, and review it... and, adds the proposed agreement's not any better after reading it.  During his weekly conference call with Southern Tier Media... Reed called it "very troublesome."  He believes it will make Iran a direct threat to "our national security."

Cattaraugus County woman pleds not guility to charges in death fo her infant daughter...

A Cattaraugus County woman faces second-degree murder charges in the death of her 1-year-old daughter.  Leslie Finch pleaded not guilty Monday in the April death of Mila Whipple.  Police have not detailed what they believe happened.  Area media report Finch is currently free on bond.

Medicaid Expansion in NYS finds just over one-million more people added over past year...

New York has added 1.1-million people to Medicaid since the state health exchange opened last year in the national effort to connect the uninsured with low-cost coverage.  More than 6.2-million New Yorkers are now enrolled, almost one-third of its 19 million people.  The Affordable Care Act pushed many states to expand eligibility for government-funded health coverage, but New York was there already.  It only had to raise the income threshold for single adults.  But many other New Yorkers, already poor enough to qualify, also enrolled.   Also, the new computerized system cut the ``churn'' that was annually kicking many eligible people out.  Medicaid in New York costs about $63.5-billion this year, almost half the state budget.  Cost-cutting and federal reimbursements kept the state share at $22.5 billion.

State's new, Weather Detection System receives federal approval...

New York will soon begin work on a new weather detection system intended to provide better data on floods, wildfires and severe weather.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that the federal government has approved the installation of sensors at 19 sites around the state.  The full weather detection system is expected to have 125 sensor sites when completed.  The $24-million system will be funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  The weather detection system is designed to help state and local officials respond to floods, wildfires and other events by providing real-time data on air, wind, soil and radiation conditions.


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