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News Headlines for Tues., Aug. 11, 2015

County begins work on new landfill cell in Ellery; town looking at getting a "host agreement..."

Chautauqua County hopes to have a state permit soon so work can begin on a new, 53-acre cell at the county landfill in Ellery.  That from County Executive Vince Horrigan... who says the current cell has about 3 to 4 years of life left in it.  On this past weekend's "Community Spotlight" program... Horrigan emphasized this is not an addition to the approximately 800-acre site on Towerville Road, but, is property the county already has there.  He says the process has already been underway... and, will take about two more years.  Horrigan says it'll make the Ellery facility viable for the next 20 years.  However... Horrigan says the town of Ellery is seeking a "host agreement" with the county on the landfill... and, that's become a sticking point on a new cell.  He says Ellery is calling for a large amount of money from such an agreement.  Horrigan says between the landfill... and, it's Methane Gas-to-Electric plant... brings in about $1-million in revenue to the county each year.  He adds that helps them keep in-county rates low.  County leaders have looked at privatizing the county landfill in the past... but, they say -- in most every case -- rates would go up for in-county users -- and, environmental restrictions aren't as strong for a private operator.


The Ellery Town Board recently approved a local law that would prohibit expansion of the current landfill... and, ban construction of any new areas.  It's part of an effort by Ellery lawmakers to put a "host agreement" in place.  That from Ellery Supervisor Arden Johnson... who says the county now receives about 35-percent of it's waste from outside of the county.  Johnson says residents near the landfill have had to put up with odors from the facility... and, increase truck traffic from haulers taking waste to the facililty.  The county Planning Board recently rejected Ellery's proposed law.

City of Jamestown holding it's own financially through first six-months of 2015...

The city of Jamestown is holding it's own so far, during the first-half of the 2015 budget year.  That from city Comptroller Joe Bellitto... who had both good and bad news for the first six-months of the year.  Bellitto told City Council members at last night's work session that their health insurance costs leveled off in the second-quarter after being 'very high' for the first-quarter.  But... he says they remain at 60-percent through the first six-months of 2015.  However... Bellitto says if they continue at the rate of the first three-months, they'll be where they were last year when Health insurance costs were about $522,000 over budget.  He says he will continue reviewing the situation monthly with Blue Cross, and their "Stop-Loss" carrier.  He says the city is doing okay from a revenue stand-point, though, they're a little short on the projected Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement with the Board of Public Utilities.  He says the city had projected a 1.8-percent increase... but, it's up 1.2-percent for the first six-months of the year.  Otherwise... Bellitto says most other revenue catagories are about where they should be after 6 months. 

Cattaraugus County man arrested for burglary and assault...

A Cattaraugus County man has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a Cold Spring residence last weekend... and, assaulting another man living there.  Sheriff's officers in Little Valley say 21 year-old Jonathan Wright of Jamestown Street, Randolph is accused of breaking into a house on Blood Road just before 5:30 last Sunday morning.  Deputies say Wright attacked the man at the residence, who had begun seeing the woman living there.  Wright allegedly injured the man... and, committed other crimes while he was there.  He was arraigned on several charges... including first-degree burglary... and, third-degree assault.  Wright was arraigned and sent to the Cattaraugus County Jail on $200,000 cash bail.

Reed applauds Schumer for opposing Iran nuclear deal on it's merits...

Southern Tier Congressman Tom Reed says he is pleased there is growing bi-partisan support in Congress to defeat the nuclear deal the Obama Administration has reached with Iran.  Reed... who has been opposed to the deal from the start... says he is glad that New York Senator Democrat Chuck Schumer has announced his opposition to the agreement.  The Corning Republican says it shows that "contrary to what the White House and the president are trying to say," that this is an effort just to oppose the president, it is about the merits of the deal itself.  Reed... who made his comments during is weekly telephone Conference Call with Southern Tier Media Monday... says he is confident the deal will be defeated.  However... he adds it may be difficult to override a veto because a two-thirds majority of Congress will be needed for that to happen.  Reed says this will be one of the issues he'll be discussing when he holds town hall meetings across the district in the coming weeks.

DiNapoli says employment in New York state has reached 9-million for first time...

New York's comptroller says statewide employment reached a record nine million jobs last year, with 538,000 added since the recession.  Monday's report shows 143,000 jobs were added in 2014, capping four years of steady gains.  But... growth was uneven statewide, with New York City gaining three-fourths of the total, while four upstate regions lost jobs, led by the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier.  Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says bright spots include ``fast-rising wages in the finance and information sectors'' and growth in western New York.  At the same time, he says more New Yorkers are relying on part-time work or have dropped out of the labor force.