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WJTN News Headlines

There were lines when the polls for the 2016 Democrat and Republican Primaries in Chautauqua County -- and, in many other locations in New York state.  The polls opened later here than in some other parts of the state... but, Democrat Elections Commissioner Norm Green says many voters were ready to vote right at 12 Noon.  Some people were under the impression that the polls opened earlier.  Green adds several also thought they could vote -- even if they weren't registered with that particular one of the primaries. New York is one of the states in the U-S that has "closed primaries."  That means only registered Republicans can voted in the GOP Primary... while only Democrats could vote in the Democratic Primary.  In addition... Green says you had to be registered with that party in time for last November's election.  Still... Green says turn-out... overall... was steady.  That turn-out helped GOP front-runner Donald Trump boost his delegate total.  He received 53.1-percent of the Republican vote in the county.  John Kasich was second with 24-percent... and, Ted Cruz was third with 21-percent.  On the Democrat side... U-S Senator Bernie Sanders received 53.9-percent of the vote... and, Hillary Clinton received 46.1-percent.


Early exit polls from New York's primary show Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say they have been energized by the primary battles within their own parties.  A majority of GOP voters say the candidate with the most votes heading into the convention should be the party's presidential nominee.  In addition... voters from both parties say they're concerned about the economy and Wall Street. 


The Jamestown School Board has approved a $79.1-million, 2016-17 budget that includes a slight tax decrease... and, includes no lay-offs.  The board voted 7-to-0 in favor of the spending plan... which cuts the tax levy by just over 219-thousand dollars.  School Board President Joe DiMaio says board members were pleased to get an extra boost in state aid... which allows them not to use any reserve funds... and, offer a small tax cut.  School Business Manager Vern Connors -- along with his staff -- were credited for for breaking down the budget so board members understood each part of it.  Superintendent Tim Mains says the board first agreed to not using any reserve funds for the spending plan... and, agreed to a specific use for 41-thousand dollars left over after reinstating the reserves, and cutting the levy.  Mains says that will be used for possible changes in programming if additional staff is needed.  The public hearing on the budget on Tuesday, May 10.  The public vote on the 2016-17 spending plan will be held on May 17.


The Jamestown School Board last night formally voted to allow the Prendergast Library to hold a public referendum in June on establishing a 850-thousand dollar levy to publicly support the library.  The vote was 5-to-0... with board members Shelly Leathers, and Pat Slagle "abstaining" from the vote.  Both said they wanted to know more about the proposal before voting to permit the vote.  That vote will be held from Noon to 9 PM on Tuesday, June 7th, at the Library.  Board members emphasized that -- under state law -- they are required to hold the vote for the library.  The only voice they have is in setting the date, location, and time of the vote.


A city man has been sentenced to 2-years and three months in federal prison for lying to the FBI about a man he met in prison... and, who reportedly offered him money to kill witnesses in the other man's federal case.  U-S Attorney William Hochul, Junior says 38 year-old Tyrell Fuqua-Hayes of Jamestown received the sentence Tuesday on charges of making false statements... and, representations to the FBI.  The prosecutor involved in the case says that in January of 2015... Hayes alleged that he met the man while they were in custody in at the same jail.  They say he claimed that the man woud be contacting him once both were on the outside.  Later... he says the man offered to pay him 5-thousand dollars to kill the witnesses in that man’s case.  However... Hayes later admitted to making up the whole story.


Good old-fashioned police work and building solid cases has allowed the Chautauqua County District Attorney's office to get 10 year sentences for two men involved in separate shootings in Jamestown.  Acting District Attorney Patrick Swanson says 22 year-old Trenton Grant received his determinate term for first-degree assault in County Court Monday in connection with the September 2014 shooting incident at Appleyard Terrace.  Swanson adds that 24 year-old Alexander Jewel received a similar sentence in the Tops Market shooting in July of last year.
Grant and co-defendant Isaiah Pearson were later arrested in Tennessee for the Appleyard shooting.  Pearson was sentenced earlier this year to eight-years in state prison.  In addition... Swanson says 24 year-old Alexander Jewel received a decade long sentence in connection with last July's shooting in the Tops Market parking lot.   He says his co-defendant, 31 year-old Michael Robinson, recently entered into a plea agreement on a similar charge... and, will avoid trial.  Swanson says he faces eight years in prison when he's sentenced.


The price for gasoline in Chautauqua County has jumped a dime a gallon this week to about 2-dollars-29 cents for regular, unleaded fuel.  That from the Triple-A's Fuel Gauge Report... which says the price was 2-dollars-19 cents.  The Fuel Gauge says the average is based on the price at 19 local service stations.  The national average is now up to just over 2-dollars-11 cents a gallon.   Natiionally... Triple-A says record-high fuel demand, declining refinery production and rising oil costs have pushed the national average price upward.  However... pump prices are down 33-cents per gallon compared to this same date last year.  The Fuel Gauge reports that prices may move higher during the second quarter of the year in select regional markets due to intermittent supply challenges... and, increased demand for gasoline. 


Governor Andrew Cuomo says he believes in the labor movement... telling union construction workers he won't sign legislation in New York that's not fair to organized labor.  Addressing a North America's Building Trades Unions conference on Tuesday... Cuomo says unions built the middle class in America and protect it, and that there's a growing anti-union movement in the country.  The second-term Democrat tells the unionists that every state construction project in New York ``is going to be built by organized labor, period.''  While he supports further affordable housing programs for New York, Cuomo criticized proposals to make government-subsidized construction projects open shops where workers don't have to join a union.  Cuomo and NABTU have both endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.


Dunkirk Police officials are pleased with the result of an operation that attempts to clean the community of suspected lawbreakers.  "Operation Street Sweep" kicked off last Saturday night and a total of seven arrests were made for a variety of charges.  Police Chief David Ortolano says he was pleased with the results. Among the seven who are facing charges are: 22-year-old Jerry Murphy of Forestville for unlawful possession of marijuana... 41-year-old Martin Wisniewski of Dunkirk for criminal possession of a controlled substance... 50-year-old Lisa Farner of Silver Creek for criminal possession of a controlled substance, and no turn signal... and, 51-year-old Vicky Lynn Badia of Zephyr Hills, Florida for criminal possession of a controlled substance.  In addition... 36-year old Jose Correa of Dunkirk was arrested on outstanding warrants charging him with second-degree harassment, and felony criminal mischief.  Ortolano says he hopes the detail further promote the safety of the community.