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State legislature ends session early this morning; approves Mayoral control of NYC Schools one-year, and Heroin opioid addiction measures...

Legislation allowing bars and restaurants to serve alcohol before noon on Sundays is on its way to Governor Andrew Cuomo for his signature.  The bill would also allow establishments to begin serving alcohol at 10 AM on Sundays.  It's an effort launched by the Democratic governor to help businesses cater to the brunch crowd as well as fans of morning sporting events like European soccer.  Lawmakers also passed legislation Friday that would restrict opioid prescriptions to seven days and expand treatment options for addicts as part of a comprehensive plan to combat addiction.  Cuomo and top lawmakers also reached a deal to end the 2016 session that extends Mayor Bill de Blasio's control of New York City schools for one year.

Dispute reportedly leads to shooting death on Jamestown's northside...

A dispute lasting at least one day may have triggered the shooting death of a Jamestown man as he stood on his porch early last Thursday night.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson has now identified the victim as 28 year-old Obryan Ramos.  Samuelson adds the man who allegedly shot Ramos remains at-large.  He says officers were called to the scene at 853 Prendergast Ave. about 5:45 p.m. Thursday... and, they found Ramos... who had been shot several times... laying on the porch.  Witnesses say the shooter was apparently a black or Hispanic man wearing dark clothes... and, who walked up to the porch from behind the house.  Samuelson says the suspect then shot Ramos, and ran off.  Ramos later died at WCA Hospital.  Samuelson says anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the JPD Confidential Tip-line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.

Drug busts in Busti and Ellicott lead to three arrests...

Three people have been arrested for allegedly being involved in the trafficking of Methamphetime in the towns of Busti and Ellicott... and, the city of Jamestown.  Members of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force... the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force... and, Ellicott and Lakewood-Busti Police joined with the State Police C-NET Team to raid two locations Friday morning... one in Busti and the other in Ellicott.  The first raid, at 10:30 a.m. at 883 Big Tree Road in Busti... led to the arrests for 28 year-old Chyanna Muntz... and, 22 year-old Zachary Wilson.  Later... police raided the home at 3246 Young Street in Ellicott.  However... they arrested 28 year-old Todd Bloomberg outside the residence first.  Both he and Muntz are accused of trying to sell Meth to undercover officers.  All three were arraigned and sent to the county jail without bail.  If you see illegal narcotics trafficking in your area... you're asked to call the Southern Tier Task Force at 1-800-344-8702.

Huber very pleased with week of "Hope and Healing in Chautauqua" on dealing with Heroin and opioid addiction issue...

The week-long "faith-based" program that works turn-around the lives of drug addicts in Chautauqua County has been a major success.  That from the head of one of the local agencies involved with the "Hope and Healing for Chautauqua" program... which began last Saturday.  Mental health Association in Chautauqua County Chief Executive Officer Rick Huber... says he's really pleased how the program went.  Huber says the key was bringing in Pastor Tracy Strawberry... who worked earlier in the week with all the churches involved.  Strawberry and her husband -- retired major league outfielder Darryl Strawberry -- had been here in late 2015.  Huber says the churches have already begun their "Addiction Reponse Ministry..." and, they have also brought the Strawberry's "Clean, Sober, and Saved" program to suppliment it.  He says training was extensive this past Monday with seven-hours of programming.  Huber says he says he was "very pleased" to see 142 people attend a five-hour training session earlier in the week.  He made his comments for this weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the Media One Group of stations.


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