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City police, other agencies investigating latest shooting incident in Jamestown Sunday afternoon....
Jamestown police are again investigating what appears to be another "targeted" shooting since early Thanksgiving Day -- this one on the eastside.  Jamestown Police say a man was shot several times as he was walking along Prendergast Ave. -- near East Eighth St. -- about 2:15 p.m. Sunday -- when someone in a blue colored sedan drove by and opened fire.  Police say the suspect vehicle then reportedly drove away eastbound on East Eighth Street.  Officers say the victim is being treated for multiple gun-shot wounds at an area hospital... and, his condition is not known at this time.  Anyone with information on this shooting or has information on any of the other recent shooting incidents, can contact JPD anonymously by using the department's Tips 4-1-1 App... or through the Anonymous Tip Line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477. 
Move to merge WCA with UPMC seen as very positive move in keeping "world-class" health care in the Jamestown-area...
It's a move that hospital officials say will keep "world-class" health care available in the city of Jamestown and surrounding area for years to come.  President and Chief Executive Officer of the "new" UPMC Chautauqua WCA Hospital, Betsy Wright, announced the merger of WCA and UPMC during a press conference last Friday afternoon... and, says "everything" about the move is positive... including the fact that UPMC is ranked by U-S News-&-World Report as one of the nation's Best Hospitals.  Hospital Board President Steven Kilburn says this is a far cry from what's happening at many other rural hospitals.  Kilburn says many of them have been facing major service cutbacks, and others, closure.  He adds many have to merge just to keep the lights on.  Wright says  the final approvals for their partnership agreement with UPMC came late last Thursday.  She says this culminates a year-long process to formally make WCA part of the UPMC Health Care Network.  With that signing... she and Kilburn say their new parent organization paid off WCA's long-term debt... which totaled $25-million.  UPMC Officials have announced there will be no changes to management and staff at WCA. 
Schumer says many upstate hospitals are now faced with possibly having to pay back millions in federal funding due to change in reimbursement calculations...
Rural hospitals across upstate New York are facing the prospect of having to pay back millions of dollars in federal funds that already have been distributed.  U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently decided to change a calculation used to determine certain funding for sole community and Medicare-dependent hospitals.  Schumer says it is retroactively seeking to recoup federal funds based on a new formula.  He is vowing to challenge the move, which could cost 16 hospitals between $15 million and $20 million dollars.  The hospitals provide a critical service to their respective communities, which have large senior citizen populations, receive a high percentage of Medicare beneficiaries, and often suffer from declining patient volumes.  Federal funding helps them stay afloat.
DOT Official says roundabout is believed best way to deal with traffic hazards at Routes 20-and-60 intersection...
Officials with the state Department of Transportation believe a roundabout is the best design choice to improve safety at a major north county intersection near Fredonia.  That from DOT Regional Spokeswoman Susan Surdej... who is encouraging area residents to attend a public information meeting on the proposal set for this Wednesday from 4 until 7 p.m. at the Fredonia Village Hall.  Surdej says roundabouts aren't new... and, may help reduce a 'high accident rate' at Routes 20 and 60 -- due mainly to multiple driveways there.  She admits they don't work everywhere... but, adds DOT officials believe this is "the best option for Routes 20 and 60."  Surdej they want local residents and businesses to attend the meeting so they have plenty of information to make a final decision... especially on any possible "tweaks" to the design.  Some have already questioned if a roundabout will work with the heavy tractor-trailer volume there.  Surdej says individuals can arrive at any time from 4 to 7 p.m. to discuss the proposed project with DOT representatives.  A formal presentation will be given at 6 p.m. 
Snowmobile clubs cut ribbon on Dredge Snowmobile Bridge...
The ribbon has been cut on a new, snowmobile bridge that connects Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties that has been named after the biggest advocate for the span.  The Cherry Creek Snogoers and Randolph EliBomwons clubs Saturday dedicated the new, 80-foot span over "The Dredge..." a man-made, 13-mile stream between the two counties.  Cherry Creek's Clyde Rogers helped oversee the bridge project...which was dedicated to the late Dan Schimak, who passed away from Cancer two years ago.  Rogers says the span was specially made with a basic steel frame... and, pressurized wood -- most of which was donated to the two clubs for the project.  He really didn't have a dollar figure for the small amount that may have been needed for the effort... which began last Summer.  Rodges says the project has been very well received by all the local snowmobile clubs... and, ties two current snowmobile trails -- including the one that goes through Cherry Creek -- together.  He says the two clubs will maintain the span.

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