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Three arrested for allegedly being found with nearly 25-pounds of pot, 1/2 pound of "Crystal Meth" in Jamestown...
Three men are jailed without bail for allegedly trafficking large quantities of marijuana and Crystal Methamphetime in the city of Jamestown.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says the three suspects were arrested at different locations about 10 a.m. Wednesday.  Samuelson says raids by the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force occured at 22 Spring Street Ext., 20 West Third St., and, 129 Fulton St.  Samuelson says they found nearly 25 pounts of pot... and, half a pound of Crystal Meth.  He says Meth is becoming more and more of a problem in the city, and they're trying to keep up the "the best we can."  At Spring Street... Samuelson says police found about a pound of pot, and half-a-pound of Meth.  Samuelson says, though, they seized about 23-and-a-half pounds of marijuana at 20 West Third... and, 129 Fulton.  The three men arrested... Jamell Trapp... Luis Antonio DeLeon-Lopez... and, Raymond Jiminez-Valentin -- all 25 years of age -- face Felony charges.  They were arraigned in city court, and sent to the county jail.  Anyone with information on alleged drug trafficking in the city is asked to call the JPD Tips 4-1-1 App anonymously... or you can call the department's Tips-line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.
Head of Mental Health Association applauds Cuomo's announcement of new health insurance rules to help people with Heroin or opioid addictions...
One of the key people on the "front-lines" of the battle against the Jamestown-area's Heroin and Opioid drug addiction crisis says he's pleased to see a new law taking effect on New Year's Day.  Director Rick Huber with the Mental Health Association of Chautauqua County says the new rules are intended to make it harder for health insurers to deny coverage for inpatient addiction treatment and medications used to fight addiction.  Governor Cuomo signed the measure into law earlier this year.  Huber is praising both Cuomo, and the state legislature... adding that Cuomo has been a "huge friend" in trying to get detox, and longer term rehabilitation in place.  Late Wednesday... Cuomo announced the changes were "landmark reforms" that would remove barriers to care.  Huber says the insurance issue has been a big one in getting people into short, and long-term rehabilitation.  Cuomo says the new rules are part of a broader effort by the state to address heroin and opioid addiction.  Other initiatives include expanded treatment services and tighter limits on first-time opioid prescriptions.
Huber again voices need for long-term drug rehab in Chautauqua County...
The head of the Mental Health Association in Chautauqua County is restating the need for a long-term treatment center locally to deal with the Heroin and Opioid Addiction issue.  Rick Huber says the numbers of people his treatment coaches are dealing with continue to climb.  Huber says that's why the state's move to supporting longer-term treatment is critical.  He says insurance companies are going to want addicts in long-term treatment because it's cost effective, because if they only support 28-day programs, it's going to become a "revolving door" of treatment.  Huber says... while the Chautauqua County Department of Mental Hygiene is getting three more social workers to help with the county's case-load it's not enough.  He says -- in his opinion -- there needs to be a "re-allocation" of money to deal with the long-term consequences of addiction.  While the county is doing more to address the problem in the new year... Huber says it's like "taking an eye-dropper to a 40,000 acre forest fire."
Lt. Gov. in Dunkirk for major announcement at Fieldbrook Foods...
New York's number-two in command brought some very good economic development news to the area during a visit to Dunkirk yesterday afternoon.  Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul was joined by local, county and state elected officials to announce a $4-million expansion at Fieldbrook Foods Corporation.  Back in August... she says they announced that there would be another 50 jobs added.  However, there will be another 60 added to that.  She adds there is also anticipation of even more jobs being created.  The expansion will add two new production lines to manufacture specialty ice cream products.  Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas says he is pleased with the announcement... saying that he was proud to be a part of helping the ice cream maker expand.  Rosas thanked all those involved with the effort.  Hochul says the project is being assisted by $400,000 in Excelsior tax credits from Empire State Development.  The company will add the 61 full-time jobs and retain 586 full-time jobs with the expansion.  Fieldbrook Foods Chief Executive Officer Bob Charleston hosted the event held at the plant at One Ice Cream Drive. 
Becker reflects on three decades at Chautauqua Institution...
After 32 years at Chautauqua... 13 as president... Tom Becker will leave the institution at the end of December.  Becker announced his departure almost a year ago, and says for him... and his wife... it's the right decision.  Bekcer says it's also good timing for Chautauqua.  One of the things the outgoing president says he will miss is the collaborative connections he's had with other members of Chautauqua's senior staff... whom he says are "like family" to him.  Much of Becker's tenure as president has been dedicated to the strengthening of Chautauqua's summer program... and its facilities, culminating in the building of the new Amphitheater.  The new president of Chautauqua, taking office Jan. 1 is Michael Hill.  Hill is in his early 40's, and most recently was president of Youth for Understanding USA, a student exchange program headquartered in Washington, DC.
Paladino called on to resign from Buffalo School Board, to face possible removal...
The co-chairman of Republican Donald Trump's New York presidential campaign who publicly insulted President Obama and his wife is being asked to resign from a local school board.  Millionaire developer Carl Paladino told a Buffalo alternative newspaper last week he wanted to see Obama dead of mad cow disease and Michelle Obama living with a gorilla in Africa.  He now says the comments weren't meant for publication but were nevertheless "inappropriate."  The board passed a resolution calling for Paladino to resign within 24 hours... or face the board's effort to have the state education commissioner remove him. 

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