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City man and woman arrested late last week on warrants, allegedly found with drugs...
Two Jamestown residents have been arrested on drug-related charges after city police did a warrant check on both suspects at a southside home.  Jamestown Police say officers located 26 year-old Giselle Bennett at 943 Newland Ave. late Thursday night.  Officers say she was sought on a City Court warrant.  They add that they also found 27 year-old Brandon Hogg at the residence... who was wanted on a parole warrant.  Police say they found a quantity of Suboxone in Hogg's possession that he did not have a prescription for.  Bennett is also accused of being in possession of a stimulant.  Both were additionally charged.  Bennett was freed on bail... while Hogg is being held on $4,000 bail.
Pennsylvania man caught going 109 MPH on I-86 in Chautauqua County...
State Police have arrested a Pennsylvania man for allegedly fleeing them at nearly 110 miles an hour on Interstate-86 near Kennedy.  Troopers say they clocked 20 year-old Tristan Drake of Troy going 109 MPH in the eastbound lanes before he finally exited the super-highway at School House Road.  State Police say Drake was eventually stopped in the Village of Randolph and arrested.  He was arraigned in Poland Town Court... and, sent to the Chautauqua County jail with bail to be set.
Fredonia man arrested for alleged sex abuse...
A north county man has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a victim in the village of Fredonia.  Sheriff's officers say they took 49 year-old Duane Green of Park Avenue in Fredonia into custody shortly after 10 a.m. yesterday.  Deputies say Green was arrested on a warrant for first-degree sexual abuse... and, forceable touching.  Officers say he was taken into custody without incident at a location on East Main Street... and, sent to the county jail in Mayville with bail to be set.  He'll appear in court at a later date and time.
Almeter named as new Chautauqua Co. Airport and Parks Manager...
A career Naval officer who has a wide background in both the public and private sectors has been named as Chautauqua County's new Airports and Parks Manager.  County Executive Vince Horrigan and Public Facilities Director George Spanos Friday afternoon announced that Rochester-native Ron Almeter will head up both departments -- beginning next Tuesday.  Almeter says he's both excited and delighted to start work... now that he's retired from the Navy.  Almeter says he was also involved in managerial work for a large construction firm in Texas.  Almeter says he and his family had retired to the Westfield-area about a year ago... and, heard about the job while looking for some kind of work while in retirement.  Horrigan says he comes from a similar-type for background, and both he and Spanos and the Airport Commission, decided Almeter was their man.  At the same time... Spanos says he and other county officials were pleased with the number of applications they received from interested candidates.  Almeter says the airports can serve as a "storefront" for Chautauqua County to the rest of the world.  Horrigan says, with his hiring, all county leadership posts have now been filled.
Reed confirm's House Republican plan to cut $10.5-billion from federal budget over 10 years...
Majority Republicans in Congress are eyeing a proposal to cut about 10.5-billion dollars in spending from the federal budget over the next 10 years.  Local Congressman Tom Reed says he is aware of the proposal, which was reported on in thehill.com late last week.  Reed calls it "sizable..." and, he feels the time is right to have a conversation about non-manditory, and manditory spending... which he says show's "how ambitious and how aggressive this administration is going to be when it comes to the issues of spending and debt."  He feels that "every dollar" needs to be part of the discussion... and, it will likely be discussed and debated in the House Ways and Means Committee that he sits on.  The Corning Republican says he would first look at "waste, fraud, and abuse."  Reed says it's an opportunity to run the government in a "much more effective and efficient manner."  President Trump is expected to meet with bipartisan Congressional leaders at the White House tonight to discuss his Congressional agenda which includes repealing and replacing the nation's health care law and passing tax reform.  Reed made his comments during a Special Inauguration conference call with regional media.
Several hundred people attend Doors Open Jamestown program...
'Doors Open Jamestown' on Saturday had weather more like April than January... and a lot of people headed for the hills... to the Martz-Kohl Observatory on Robbin Hill Road in Frewsburg.  President, Gary Nelson, said they had about 200 visitors, and even though it was sunny, they were looking at a star -- the Sun.  Nelson says they have a special telescope that reduces the ultra-violet rays that are harmful to human eyes.  Ordinarily, looking directly at the sun can be hazardous to the retina.  The Fenton History Center's Joni Blackman thinks the fair weather brought families to their front door.  Blackman says they had a lot of young families that brought their children through.  Blackman is one of the principal organizers of 'Doors Open'.  She estimates around 800 people visited the museum last Saturday.  A total of 17 locations were open and free for the public last Saturday.  

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