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WJTN News Headlines

The worst parts of our "long-duration" Lake Effect Snow event will be today through tomorrow.  However... we won't see any of the 3-to-4 inch an hour snowfall that accompanies many of these events through Sunday night.  That from Forecaster Jim Mitchell with the National Weather Service... who says we remain under a Lake Effect Snow Warning now through 7 PM on Sunday.  MItchell says we're seeing colder air now, after receiving an initial 2 to 3 inches of snow in the Jamestown-area.  Once the colder air gets in... he says we'll see another 7 to 11 inches of snow in the snow belt areas by late this evening. While ski country and the Chautauqua Ridge areas will see upwards of 2-feet -- or more -- through Sunday night... Mitchell says there won't be any of the real "heavy snow" on Saturday.  He says the heaviest snow rate during the weekend will be about one to one-and-a-half inches an hour.  Mitchell says the worst of the wind and blowing snow conditions will be during the day today through tonight.  Wind gusts will be about 40-mile per hour.  Our complete forecast is coming up.
A Westfield woman has been arrested for allegedly setting two separate fires in her home in the town of Chautauqua last Fall.  Sheriff's officers say they took 41 year-old Lacie Mockus into custody late Wednesday for allegedly setting the fires... and, endangering first-responders and neighbors.  Deputies say the incident at 6375 Centralia-Hartfield Road occured last October 16th... and, add that Mockus was the only person home at the time.  Officers say she's been charged with second-degree reckless endangerment... and, was issued an appearance ticket for Chautauqua Town Court at a later date.
Firefighters made quick work of a blaze that broke out early yesterday morning at a 2-and-a-half story home in Dunkirk.  Dunkirk Fire crews responded to 133 Lake Shore Drive East at about 4:15 AM.  Fire Chief Mike Edwards says crews found flames on the first floor and extending to the second floor.  The fire was contained to one room, and everyone in the building made it out safely.  Firefighters were at the scene for about one hour.  No one was hurt... and, the cause is under investigation.  The local Red Cross is assisting all eight residents who were displaced by the fire.
In Dunkirk, two people suffered burns in a kitchen fire Wednesday night.  Firefighters responded to an apartment at 47 West Courtney Street just before 9:30 PM, and on arrival, found that the victims suffered burns as a result of hot grease from a pan spilling on them while trying to remove the pan from the apartment.  Both victims were taken to Brooks Memorial Hospital for treatment.  One suffered severe burns and was later flown by Starflight Helicopter to the Erie County Medical Center.
Plans to construct more than 100 wind turbines in three northern Chautauqua County towns are being rammed though without full consideration of residents feelings... and, no full evaluation of the impact on the local environment.  Those are the feelings of two town of Villanova residents... and, one from Arkwright... who addressed the county legislature Wednesday night.  Angelo Graziano has been a Villanova Town Board member since 2014, when the projects were first proposed.  Graziano says he asked the company involved with that project... "R-E-S America..." for more information... but, got none. Graziano says he believes the company has only done the minimum required to get the project through.  Another resident... Tina Graziano... says many in the town remain unaware of the project and it's potential implications.   She says only town government, and the actual property owners will get any benefit from the project.  She says residents will have to "suffer" with 123, 500-foot tall wind turbines.  Arkwright resident Fred Keller was also concerned about the project... and, it's impact in his town.  Keller contends that the U-S Army Corps of Engineers found no opposition there because only contiguous neighbors have been notified regarding the project, and public meetings about it.
Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan has been a proponent of the turbine projects... and, was somewhat stunned by the opposition voiced at Wednesday night's meeting.  However... Horrigan says he appreciates what the residents had to say.  He also says the three companies involved in the projects are going through the State Environmental Quality Review process, as required.  Horrigan says he was aware of some opposition early... mainly dealing with the flight paths for airport traffic. However... Horrigan says the projects also have to be reviewed by the Chautauqua County Planning Board.  He says he's not surprised that there is some friction between the people who own the property where the turbines will be... and, others in the towns.  The residents say.. while they've seen problems with the process... the one underway for the Cassadaga Wind Farm has been a "fair" one.
A state lawmaker wants to stop New York from doing business with companies working on President Donald Trump's promised border wall.  The proposal from Assemblywoman Nily Rozic would prevent the state from signing contracts or investing in companies hired for the wall project.  The Queens Democrat says Thursdaythat she wants to send a signal to companies considering whether to work on the wall along the southern U.S. border with Mexico, a proposal she calls wasteful and ineffective.  Existing rules prohibit state contracts with companies that do business in Iran or that boycott Israel.  Rozic says New York must honor its tradition of diversity and tolerance.  The legislation could do well in the overwhelmingly Democratic Assembly but may face challenges in the Republican-led Senate.
Residents of the town of Ellicott who live in the Celoron area have the chance to pay their town and county taxes directly this Saturday.  Town Clerk Mike Erlandson says he'll hold his annual tax collection at the Celoron Village Hall from 10 AM to 1 PM this Saturday, January 28th.  Again, those hours are 10 AM to 1 PM.