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Accused drug trafficker found passed-out behind wheel of car in Jamestown...
Jamestown police arrested an alleged drug trafficker last weekend after finding the driver passed out in a "suspicious vehicle" in the city's downtown area.  City police were checking on the vehicle on Forest Park about 10:30 a.m. Saturday... and, found 20 year-old Austin Thayer passed out behind the wheel while the car was still running.  Officers say they found Thayer in possession of a "large quantity" of cocaine and cash... and, that he had no license.  He was arrested for third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, the cocaine and cash was seized.  Thayer was arraigned... and, sent to the County Jail without bail.
Mayville traffic stop leads to discovery of drugs in vehicle...
A Westfield man has been arrested for allegedly being in possession of two narcotic drugs illegally after his car was stopped in Mayville early last Saturday morning.  Sheriff's officers say they pulled over 26 year-old Theodore Francisco on Valley Street shortly before 3 a.m. on active warrants out of Jamestown -- including for having his driver's license suspended.  Deputies say they took Francisco into custody and searched him.  At that time... they found a quantity of Suboxone and methamphetamine in his possession.  Officers say Francisco was charged with two counts of seventh-degree criminal possession of controlled substance... and, second-degree aggravated unlicensed operator.  He was issued citations and turned over to Jamestown Police on the outstanding warrants.
Chautauqua Co. Sheriff's Office preparing for next STOP-DWI Crackdown...
The next STOP-DWI Enforcement Crackdown is coming to Chautauqua County during the upcoming St. Patrick's Day weekend.  That from Sheriff Joe Gerace... who says this latest crackdown against impaired -- and drunk driving will run from March 17--19.  Gerace tells those celebrating to not drink and drive that Saturday.  Gerace urges people who celebrate and drink to call a cab... or get a ride home.  He says the Sheriff's Department will be teaming up with other local law enforcement agencies... and, the State Police... as part of a state-wide effort to crackdown on impaired driving.  He says the crackdowns are funded through a grant from the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee.
Reed confirms House resolution to eliminate the EPA, but, says he wants to keep it with fewer burdensome regulations...
Local Congressman Tom Reed says he does not support a House resolution that would disband the Environmental Protection Agency.  However... the Corning Republican does support revamping the department to eliminate onerous and burdensome regulations.  Reed made his comments in response to a number of questions regarding the environment during last Friday's Congressionial Luncheon with the county's Chamber of Commerce.  He says even those who support eliminating the EPA have no desire to ruin the environment.  Reed gave some background to the story of an 11 year-old girl who was brought up to him to ask a question at his recent town hall meeting in Ashville.  He says he was offended by the fact the girl's mother put her up to asking why he wanted to eliminate the EPA.  However... Reed says he looked the girl in they eye and told her that he did not want to see the agency eliminated... but, he also wanted to "hold them accountable..." and, prevent them from overregulating the environment.
County officials involved with new "Fly-Car" program prepping for May roll-out...
Chautauqua County's new "Fly Car" program designed to enhance local emergency medical services is looking to get off the ground in May.  That from officials guiding
the program.  Project Coordinator Kevin Peebles and Senior Paramedic Mike Volpe recently updated residents on plans for the program, announced last year by County Executive Vince Horrigan.  Peebles says three fly cars will be utilized and are currently on order... and, he says they should be at the dealer by sometime in April.  He says they hope to have the vehicles and people in place by the first week of May.  Peebles says Mike Volpe was brought on board in January as the program supervisor.   Volpe says the new service is designed to assist local fire departments when it comes to daytime response to EMS calls.  He says it was one of the recommendations that came out of a study by MMA Consulting Group of the county's delivery of Emergency Medical Services.  Once the program is up and running... the Fly Cars will be available on Monday thru Saturday basis between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
State Senate approved Cyber-Terrorism measures...
The state Senate has passed dual bills aimed at preventing cyberattacks and terrorism at international business and commerce centers like New York City.  The Senate on Thursday approved legislation to create new crimes for cyberterrorism and to strengthen the laws against soliciting or providing support for an act of terrorism.  One proposal would prohibit using computer technology to commit financial harm against more than 10 people.  Another would increase criminal penalties for using money laundering or credit card fraud to fund terrorist organizations.  Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee Senator Tom Croci say the measures will protect infrastructure systems from cybercrime.  The bills now require approval by the Assembly.

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