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Warren County Emergency Dir. confirms tornado touch-down in Youngsville, PA...
A small tornado that touched down in a rural part of central Warren County, Pennsylvania has now been confirmed by the county's Emergency Services Department, and the National Weather Service.  That from Warren County Emergency Services Director Todd Lake... who toured the area near Yankee Bush and Follet Run Roads Friday morning.  Lake says the initial calls came in shortly before 8 p.m. last Thursday night.  The National Weather Service in State College, Pennsylvania first reported possible sightings late Thursday.  Lake says he and his deputy director -- Scott Rose -- surveyed the area... and found a path of damage of about 3/10s of a mile.  He says a few trees were taken down, and the roof was torn off a home.  He says there were people inside the home that had the roof torn off it.  But... none of the residents were hurt.  He adds a rabbit pen took a ride... but, the rabbits were okay.  Lake says power crews from Warren had to replace a couple of utility poles as well.  Forecaster Kevin Fitzgerald with the National Weather Service in State College says the Warren area was the hardest hit by the storm.
State A-G's urge Trump adminstration to not cut federal drug treatment funding...
The top government lawyers from 19 states are telling President Donald Trump and the Republican leaders of Congress not to cut federal money for drug treatment programs.  A group of Democratic state attorneys general sent a letter Friday to federal officials saying the government "cannot abandon this commitment to our communities."  It's the latest of several actions from Democratic attorneys general objecting to Trump policies.  In this case... it's a pre-emptive argument that comes as Trump says Republican lawmakers are closing in on an agreement on how to replace former President Barack Obama's health insurance overhaul.  It's not clear what any new plan would mean for drug treatment, which has become a major issue amid an epidemic of addiction to opioid drugs.
Four city residents arrested for alleged drug trafficking on northside...
Jamestown police have arrested four people during a drug raid at a home on the city's northside yesterday morning.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson told us Friday morning that the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force raided the residence at 17 Norwood Avenue just after 9 a.m., where suspected Heroin sales were taking place.  He says they were still processing the scene and suspects late into the morning.  Samuelson says other narcotics were also found.. including Heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription pills.  He says the Jamestown Police SWAT Team also helped police with the raid... and, they arrested 28 year-old Andrew Bennett for criminal possession of drug paraphernalia... 55 year-old David Hare for Felony criminal possession of a controlled substance.... and, 58 year-old Patricia Bargy faces a Felony criminal possession charge for Meth... and, seventh-degree possession for having the prescription pills.  Samuelson says the fourth person... 28 year-old Destiny Franze-Hare... is charged with four counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance after she was spotted leaving the scene in a vehicle just prior to the raid.  Officers did stop and impound the vehicle.  A separate search warrant was obtained for the vehicle... and, investigators found Meth, prescription pills and LSD inside.  All four suspects were in the city jail awaiting arraignment.  
City woman arrested for allegedly having large amount of cocaine in her possession...
A Jamestown woman is jailed without bail for allegedly being in possession of a large amount of cocaine during a traffic stop on the city's northside Thursday night.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says a patrol spotted the car... operated by 45 year-old Cindy Frank... shortly before 9 p.m., crossing the center line near the intersection of Lakeview and Euclid Avenues.  Officers say they stopped the vehicle, and spotted a large package containing 6.6-ounes of the narcotic drug in plain view... and, Samuelson says they're happy to get that amount of the drug "off the street."  He says the cocaine is worth about 12-thousand dollars on the street.  He says Frank was arraigned on one count of second-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... meaning it was packaged for sale.  Again... if you have any information on alleged drug trafficking in Jamestown... call the JPD Tips line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477... or their Tips 4-1-1 app.  Police say all calls will be kept confidential.
City man arrested earlier Thursday for drug possession in earlier traffic stop...
A Jamestown man is being held in the county jail after allegedly being found in possession of several types of illegal narcotics during an earlier traffic stop in the city Thursday night.  Jamestown Police say they stopped a vehicle on Myers Avenue about 6 p.m. for a traffic infraction.  Upon further investigation... they found that a backseat passenger... 40 year-old Richard Riley... was in possession of 29 grams of powder cocaine... about two-grams of heroin... and, one gram of methamphetamine.  He was also found with more than 2 grams of marijuana.  Police add that they also seized an "imitation pistol."  Officers say Riley is charged with third-degree criminal possession of a  controlled substance... three counts of seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, unlawful possession of marijuana.  He was arraigned Friday morning... and, sent to the county lock-up.
Green says county Democrats may have a County Executive candidate announcement in May...
Now that a Republican has announced his candidacy for Chautauqua County Executive... when will a Democrat announce they are entering the race?  Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Chairman Norm Green says they have "identified" a possible candidate... but, says he will wait until May for an announcement.  Green says -- to him -- it's a "little too early" to announce right now.  Green, who did not want to identify the individual at this time, says voters get wary of politics this early in the season.  The Chairman says there's a lot of interest in politics this year... and, says he hopes that translates into more candidates running for office because there are over 200 local and regional elections coming up.  Hanover Republican George Borrello announced his candidacy earlier this week.  Incumbent Republican Vince Horrigan announced earlier this year that he was not seeking a second term.

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