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Local Congressman Tom Reed says he remains comfortable with President Donald Trump's leadership despite last weekend's Twitter barbs traded with U-S Senator Bob Corker. 
The pair had an unusually harsh exchange between a president and a senator from his own party.  Trump says the Tennessee Republican had "begged" him for an endorsement for his re-election campaign and that he "didn't have the guts" to run again.  Corker shot back that he felt Trump could lead the U.S. into World War-Three.
Reed does agree, though, that a continued focus on the fight could make it harder to pass the president and Republican Majority in Congress's agenda.  After Trump said Corker didn't "have the guts" to run again Corker called the White House "an adult day care center" and that "someone obviously missed their shift this morning."
Some students gave first-hand accounts of the bullying problem in the Jamestown public schools Tuesday night and talked about the need to take steps to better protect students. 
The students joined the relatives of a handful of current and past students who recently committed suicide who spoke during last night's board meeting at the high school. 
One was 2015 graduate Natalie Schaefer who says it got so bad she tried to harm herself.  She says students never had a real way to anonymously tells school officials what was going on.
Another girl who just graduated from high school in Oregon says she was bullied in Jamestown but, has had no such problem at her school in Oregon. 
Sativa Allen says she has a younger brother still here who says he's being bullied by some students, along with a teacher.  She says that also happened to her in third-grade.  Allen says the teacher said she would never graduate but, says she did and with honors.
The Jamestown School District has begun taking "baby steps" in an effort to curb the bullying problem in the district mainly at the high school. 
School Superintendent Bret Apthorpe said Tuesday night that the effort began before the recent handful of suicides that occured. 
Apthorpe says he and School Board president Paul Abbott talked to parents and others during a break in Tuesday night's meeting.  Apthorpe later previewed a new anonyomous report form they'll be using in cases of bullying, and to ensure proper follow-up.
During the break following the public session, Apthorpe says he spoke with one of the adults, who suggested creating an on-line app that would allow a complaint to be filed.  He says a kid could simply send a text to a certain code on their phone. 
Apthorpe adds the district is starting to provide more "Charactor Education" at all grade levels that teach personal accountability.  He says a video is now being shown to students to encourage students to not be bystanders if they see bullying.
A new scam that's a take-off on one seen in the past is targeting Jamestown Board of Public Utilities customers. 
BPU Spokeswoman Becky Robbins says, at least one business received a call today from someone pretending to be from the BPU, saying their bill is past due and that their utilities will be shut off unless they call an 800 number. 
When the number is dialed, the scammer answers as the Board of Public Utilities and transfers the customer to a separate extension for payment.  Robbins says the "BPU does not call customers and ask them to call an 800 number for payment.  Should you get such a call, hang up".
A Dunkirk man is being held on several charges following a traffic stop on Lake Shore Drive East near Armadillo Street late Tuesday night. 
Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano says the incident occured about 11:30 p.m., and escalated after the officer discovered a passenger who was trying to hide under a blanket in the back seat who was wanted on several outstanding warrants for felony robbery charges. 
The 33 year-old Duprey was located on Pangolin Street near Pine after trying to take off from officers.  Ortolano says he is facing several charges, including first and third-degree robbery, along with those from last night.  He says the drug related charge resulted from Duprey allegedly dropping a small bag of cocaine on the floor of the vehicle during the traffic stop. 
Duprey is expected to be arraigned on the charges in Dunkirk City Court this afternoon.

Gas prices nationally have dropped by about $.06 a gallon over the past week but, they remain the same in Chautauqua County this week. 


That from the AAA's Gas Price Report, which says the price this week locally remains about $2.69 a gallon for regular, unleaded fuel.  AAA says that's about the same as last week. 


Nationally, AAA says the price has fallen to $2.49 a gallon which is $.18 cheaper than a month ago.