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City man arrested in major, Marihuana Bust...
Jamestown police say they have taken a major drug trafficker off the street with the arrest of a city man late yesterday... and, seizing several pounds of marihuana... and, a loaded shotgun.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says the arrest of 23 year-old Bryan Torres... who was trying to leave the scene at 35 Lakeview Ave., was a significant one.  Samuelson says the ongoing investigation involved the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, State Police C-NET Team, and the U-S Postal Service... who got a search warrant... and, found about 15-pounds, and 13 ounces of pot inside the apartment.  He says they also found a loaded shot-gun, a bullet proof vest, and more than $47,000 in cash.  Samuelson says they saw Torres leaving the scene when they arrived about 4:40 p.m., and, he was arrested when his vehicle was stopped a short time later.  Samuelson says Torres faces one count of first-degree criminal possession of marihuana, and one of disorderly conduct.  He adds that others are pending.  Samuelson says the items were seized... and, Torres is being held pending arraignment.  If you have any information on illegal drug activity in the city... you're asked to call the Drug Task Force at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.  You can also leave an anonymous message on their Tips 4-1-1 app.
Major drug bust in Dunkirk leads to one arrest...
Police in the north county say an investigation of suspicious activity involving a vehicle early Thursday morning on Maple Avenue in Dunkirk has led to the arrest of a Fredonia man on a series of charges.  Dunkirk Police say an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation after observing suspicious activity in a known drug area.  Further investigation lead to the discovery of more than an eighth of an ounce of "high purity" cocaine powder, several rocks of crack cocaine, a digital scale and assorted packaging materials as well as several hundred dollars in cash.  The driver, 21-year-old John Dewey, is facing several charges... including third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.
DiNapoli in Jamestown to see local projects, and endorse two Democratic candidates...
The two Democrats running for county-wide office in Chautauqua County got a major boost to their campaign's Friday afternoon.  State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli... who was also a local, elected official some years ago... stopped in Jamestown to give his endorsement to County Executive Candidate Mike Ferguson and County Clerk Candidate LeeAnn Lazarony.  While these are local races... DiNapoli says they're very important because they are the "closest to the people."  He says it "sets the tone" for an entire region, and leverage support for state and federal candidates.  DiNapoli touted Ferguson's broad background in business and marketing... adding that -- with an open seat this year -- there's a lot of opportunity for a "fresh start."  DiNapoli says it's also great to have a candidate who is a seasoned veteran... and, he says the voters have a choice with Lazarony.  The Cassdaga Democrat has been a mayor, and village board member.  DiNapoli says that give's Lazarony a lot of experience in "customer service," which is a major part of the job.  DiNapoli was in Jamestown earlier, meeting with Mayor Sam Teresi about the city's budget situation, and touring some local economic development projects that are being backed by the state.
Local League of Women voters providing information on state-wide Constitutional Convention propostion...
There are a lot of lawn signs... and, bumper stickers appearing in the area regarding a key state-wide proposition on the Nov. 7 election ballot.  Voters will have the chance to decide whether or not told hold a Constitutional Convention.  A number of groups oppose having a convention, including the State AFL-CIO, the State Conservative Party and the State Rifle and Pistol Association. The League of Women Voters of New York State is among the groups supporting the convention.  Minda Rae Amiran of the Chautauqua County League says the state League is supporting the need for a convention to make the state's budget process more democratic.  Amiran says the local League of Women Voters has also decided to educate voters about the pros and cons of having a constitutional convention.  She says they see their role as educating the public on the proposition.
BPU General Manager pleased to have state grant to help rehab 6-miles of wastewater pipes in the city...
The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities will use it's $375,000 state grant to cover it's local share of $1.5-milion in wastewater upgrades.  BPU General Manager Dave Leathers says they appreciate the grant... which was announced Thursday by Governor Cuomo.  Leathers say it will allow them to hire a contractor to use a special process called "slip-lining" to protect their wastewater lines in the city.  He says they coat the pipes in a process to protect them, as opposed to costly replacement.  Leathers says they submitted the grant to do about 6-miles of pipe rehabilitation within the city limits.  He says, though, this project probably won't start in earnest until the weather breaks next year.  Leathers says the rest of this year will be used for final planning... with the project starting next year -- but, he adds it may continue into 2019. 
Anti-Bullying Law now in place in North Tonawanda...
A city in Western New York has a new law that lets authorities send parents of bullies to jail for up to 15 days and fine them up to $250.  The North Tonawanda City Council voted unanimously Oct. 3 to amend an existing law to add bullying, harassment and underage drinking to existing curfew violations parents already could be held accountable for.  Lawmakers also removed a provision that prevented anything more than a warning for a first offense, meaning parents can face a fine or jail right away.  A community coalition pushed for the change after being told there was little police could do to stop the bad behavior of a dozen or so teenagers.  

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