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City police update, and correct story on Thursday night robbery...
A Jamestown woman is now facing multiple charges after she allegedly robbed a man with a fake gun early last evening on the city's northside.  Jamestown Police Captain Bob Samuelson says officers were called to 625 Prendergast Avenue just after 6 p.m on a report of a robbery involving a hand-gun.  On arrival... Samuelson says officers were told that the female suspect ran into the house.  He says the woman -- later identified as 21 year-old Jillian Matthews -- was seen running out the back, then down East Eighth St.  She was taken into custody on East Seventh -- near North Main Street.  Samuelson says they found the money that was taken when they arrested Matthews.  He says they then obtained a search warrant for the apartment at 625 Prendergast... and, found the imitation hand-gun.  Samuelson says "in the 25 years I've been doing this, it's the most authentic replica pistol I have ever seen."  He adds that under the law, since the gun looks real, she can be fully charged.  Samuelson says Matthews is being held in the city jail... pending arraignement on charges including secon-degree robbery.  He says police are pleased to have the weapon -- even thought it's fake -- off the streets.  It's the fifth weapon to have been taken off city streets this week.

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