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Jamestown city lawmakers continued their review of Mayor Sam Teresi's proposed, 2018 budget plan Monday night looking at another smaller department. 
The City Council looked over Director of Administrative Services, and City Clerk Todd Thomas' spending proposal for next year.  Council President Greg Rabb says they have now looked at that the city's Public Works Department, Parks and Recreation, and City Comtroller's budgets. 
Rabb agrees, with a projected $946,000 shortfall, this proposal will be a major challenge.
While taxes can often be a big topic on the campaign trail, Rabb says the budget itself hasn't been as much.  There are also more immediate issues brought up as lawmakers enter the final week of the campaign and he says he gets a lot of good input on those while meeting people. 
Mayor Sam Teresi earlier this month proposed a $35.7-million, 2018 budget plan that increases the tax rate by $0.21 per thousand full-value, but keeps the tax levy within the city's constitutional taxing limit.  That limit has gone up because the city's tax base has grown over the past year.  
The Village Board in Celoron is holding a meeting this evening to discuss and potentially take action on the extension of a waterline. 
Ten homeowners in the Village are trying to get into a water district because of past issues with their wells, including low water pressure and discolored water. 
The meeting will take place at 6 PM in the Community Center at 47 Dunham Avenue.  For more information contact the Village Hall at 487-4175. 
The public will be getting more specifics today on the House Republican Tax Reform and Budget propsal that a committee has been fine-tuning the past several weeks. 
Local Congressman Tom Reed, who is a member of the committee, is defending the proposal in the wake of strong criticism last week by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and California Governor Jerry Brown. 
Cuomo was critcal of Reed and fellow Republican Chris Collins, who last week supported the basic outline of the plan, which they say eliminates the State and Local Tax deduction.  Reed says that's not happening, and needs to be compromised on. 
Cuomo and Brown say residents in their states would be heavily impacted by any more to eliminate SALT because they have higher tax burdens than most other states. 
At the same time, Reed and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, say their governors also need to work to lower their taxes. 
McCarthy says he wants a higher-cap on the amount of money people can add to their 401K Retirement Plans without being taxed on it.  He represents California's 23rd Congressional District. 
The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office is investigating a small arson fire set on a window sill inside a Bemus Point church early last Sunday morning. 
Fire investigators say the fire at the Lakeside Bible Chapel at 98 Lakeside Drive was intentionally set between the hours of 4 and 5 AM last Sunday. 
Sheriff's Office officials say anyone that may have information on the case to call them at 753-4925.
A Jamestown woman was arrested Monday afternoon for allegedly threatening a family member with a knife on the city's southside. 
City police say they were called to a Stearns Avenue residence for a girl bleeding after being hit by a window.  Officers spoke to 22 year-old Brittany Hinson, who said she was involved in a fight over over a ripped halloween costume with one of her relatives. 
Hinson was taken by ambulance to be treated for facial lacerations. Shortly after, officers determined that Hinson was the aggressor and, threatened the victim with a knife after being angered over the ripped costume. She is being held in city jail without bail. 
A number of places across western New York, and Chautauqua County have seen their first snowfall of the season. 
However, there were few instances of accumulating snow reported.  Snowflakes started to fly early Tuesday morning on some of the hilltops near Cassadaga, Arkwright and Sinclairville.  We also got a few snowflakes yesterday afternoon at our Media One Group studios. 
Forecaster Dave Zaff with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says there was a 'trace here and maybe a tenth of an inch or two there."  Zaff says the atmosphere will warm up slightly this afternoon, keeping much of the precipitation in the form of rain. 
As for trick or treating last night he says there were some places in the interior valleys looking at cold temperatures.  A return to milder weather is on the way as temperatures should reach the mid to upper 40s today, and low 60s are possible on Thursday.  
Gas prices in the Jamestown-area are holding steady this week at $2.69 a gallon for regular, unleaded fuel. 
That from the American Automobile Association's Gas Price Report, which says the price at this time last year was $2.34 per gallon. 
Today's national average is up a penny to $2.47 per gallon.  Despite the fluctuation, AAA says prices should continue to decrease as the holiday season approaches.


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