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A Cattaraugus County man has been killed in a fiery, one-car crash on Mill Creek Road in the village of Sinclairville...  
Sheriff's officers were called to the scene shortly after 9:00 Tuesday morning and found a car in the ditch, and Sinclairville firefighters putting out a fire that had erupted in the vehicle.  Deputies say 65 year-old Charles Troutman of Randolph was found dead inside the vehicle, and was determined to be the only occupant in the car.  Officers say the accident is still under investigation, but nothing appears suspicious.
One person was reported hurt when a mini-bus slid off Bone Run Road and down an embankment in South Valley -- near the Cattaraugus-Chautauqua County line -- yesterday morning...  
Chautauqua County Fire Dispatchers say Frewsburg and Kiantone fire crews were called to the scene near West Perimeter Road shortly after 7:00.  They say there were three people on board the mini-bus and one passenger had to be treated for injuries.  Dispatchers say State Police in Jamestown and the Cattaraugus County Sheriff's office were also called to the scene.  More information is to follow.
Jamestown Public Schools held their first board meeting of the new year last night at George Washington Middle School... 
During his Superintendent's Report, Bret Apthorpe talked about Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address. He says the governor usually spends more time during his hour-and-a-half presentation on education. However, this year came up short.
Apthorpe mentioned two initiatives the governor did discuss during his presentation including an increase in funding for Pre-K programs up $15-million in high needs areas. Apthorpe says there are about 400 students and growing in the Jamestown area in the Pre-K program. Additionally, Apthorpe mentioned Governor Cuomo wants to create a new certification for teachers in computer science called "Smart Start". He says the program would benefit students looking to get a head start on their educational careers in computer science and engineering. 
Local Congressman Tom Reed says he's optimistic that commercial air service from the Chautauqua County Airport near Jamestown will continue after January 16...  
However, Reed says it's up to Southern Airways Express to work with the county to up it's daily passenger numbers to at least the average of 10 as required for funding from the federal Essential Air Service program.  Reed took part in a conference call with County Executive George Borrello and others on the matter last week.
Reed says it's key for Southern Airways to make the commitment, and begin working towards building ridership before the U.S. Department of Transporation agrees to continue the $2.1-million annual subsidy to the air carrier.  At the same time, he declined to talk about how long any extension might be, because they want to ensure Southern will try to deliver on it's promises.  Borrello says he's pushing for Southern Airways to "base" a plane at Jamestown, which would allow for 6 and 7 a.m. flights out of Jamestown.  He says that would allow them to talk with major carriers about getting connecting flights.
Congressional leaders says they're encouraged by what they heard from President Donald Trump at a bi-partisan White House meeting on immigration, and a continuing resolution to keep the government operating...  
Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Trump's "tone was very good" and that it was "encouraging that the president seems open to a narrow deal" to protect immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children.  Local Congressman Tom Reed was not part of Tuesday's discussions, but says an agreement on DACA in exchange for stepped up border security was discussed by the bi-partisan Problem Solver's Caucus he co-chairs.
January 19 is when the current Continuing Resolution to fund the government runs out.  Reed says he also believes that there's a chance at comprehensive immigration reform, but adds it will not likely be part of the continuing resolution.  Reed made his comments for his weekly telephone conference call with Western New York media.
One of the Democrats seeking the nomination to run against incumbant 23rd District Congressman Tom Reed has picked up the backing of a former Fredonia mayor...  
Jamestown attorney Eddie Sundquist says former mayor Steve Keefe is backing him in the run for the nomination.  Keefe made the announcment in an e-mail to supporters, and comes just ahead of the January 20 vote to decide the endorsement of the Chautauqua County Democratic Committee.  In the e-mail, Keefe says he's met most of the candidates, and listened to their ideas, but he says Sundquist stands out.  Keefe also says at last report, Sundquist was also the top fund-raiser in the race.
More than three-dozen appointments were approved by the City Council at Monday night's reorganizational meeting and former Council President Greg Rabb will remain on two panels in the new year...  
Mayor Sam Teresi appointed Rabb as a citizen member of the Board of Public Utilities, which Rabb had served as council president in recent years.  Teresi says the position opened up when Tyler Case resigned from the BPU and accepted an appointment to the Jamestown Local Development Corporation.
Teresi named current BPU member Martha Zenns to replace Case, and that opened up another citizen member vacancy.  He says cohesion was important for the BPU because of several issues before the board over the next year or two, including efforts to annex BPU property in the village of Falconer used for the Dow Street Substation.  Rabb's appointment to the BPU runs through 2021.  He will also serve again on the Planning Commission.  Teresi says it's not unusual for former Council members and mayors to be appointed to boards and commissions after serving their elected terms.  Council approved Teresi's re-appointment of City Police Chief and Public Safety Director Harry Snellings. 
Gas prices in the Jamestown-area are almost a penny lower this week -- to $2.70 -- for a gallon of regular, unleaded fuel...  
AAA's weekly gas price report says that despite artic temperatures, there haven't been any real fuel supply issues in the region.  Similarly to last year, AAA says that New York is among the top-10 most expensive gas prices in the country.  At this time last year, prices at the pump were $0.15 less at $2.55 per gallon.  On the national front, prices have held steady at $2.49 per gallon for nine straight days.  According to the EIA, end of the year gains were significant for crude oil with prices the highest at a year's end since 2013. 

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