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A special weather statement remains in effect until 11:00 this morning...
The National Weather Service's Buffalo Office reports a band of heavy snow was located over Findley Lake this morning. They say the band will slowly move northeast and weaken this morning. Snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour are expected with impacted areas including Jamestown, Dunkirk, Fredonia, Salamanca, Allegany State Park, Westfield, Lakewood, Silver Creek, Falconer, Clymer and Mayville. 
The weather service says this also includes I-90 between exits 61 and 59, and I-86 between exits 4 and 19. Additionally, they say to be prepared for snow or ice covered roads. Slow down and allow extra time when traveling. 
A city man is jailed on Felony charges after allegedly being found in possession of a loaded gun and some methamphetime following a brief foot chase in Jamestown's westside Tuesday afternoon...  
City police say they, along with members of the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force, had information that the suspect -- 38 year-old Douglas Wood -- was in possession of a revolver.  Police say they went to do a street check on a suspicious person at West Sixth Street and Fairview Avenue.  However, officers say Wood tried to run off when they approached.  He was caught a short time later, and arrested after a brief struggle.  Police say Wood had a loaded, 357-calibur gun, and a small amount of Meth.  He was jailed pending arraignment on charges including second-degree criminal possession of a weapon,  two counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, and third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.
Local Congressman Tom Reed is bucking Republican leadership in both the House and Senate by saying that he's in agreement with President Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports...  
House Speaker Paul Ryan is now saying that he would support some "surgical" tariffs on countries that have blatently abused trade agreements.  However, Ryan and others are fearful that a "blanket" tariff will touch off a trade war.  Reed says he understands that, but believe's America's interests need to be defended.
Reed says he is "aware" that a trade war has consequences, but adds that he wants to avoid that.  At the same time, he says the U.S. is a significant consumer market and says the possible loss of that may make other nations reconsider their stance.  Reed made his comments during Tuesday's weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.  Also, Chairman Orrin Hatch of the Senate Finance Committee said he is concerned that proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports would "undermine" the tax cuts Congress recently passed. 
Concerns are being raised across New York state about how President Trump's proposal to impose new, stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum may impact relations with North American trade partners...  
Congressman Reed says he's also "keenly aware" of that situation, in particular when it comes to dairy farmers looking to export milk and milk products to Canada.  However, he believes a better North American Free Trade Agreement could open up new markets for farmers. President Trump has already indicated that he wants to renegotiate NAFTA with several nations, including Canada and Mexico.
Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi says the major snowstorm that hit the region last week provided another example of why the city needs to have a new, Capital Improvement Fund for new equipment...  
During last Monday night's City Council work session, Teresi noted that he talked with other officials about the fact some pieces of snow-removal equipment were broken down, and out-of-service last Friday morning.  Teresi said that -- along with some illnesses in the Pubic Works Department -- contributed to delays in getting streets cleared.
Teresi used the situation to again push for the Capital Improvement program, which he says could be funded through the sale of the Board of Public Utilities' wastewater treatment plant to the Jamestown Local Development Corporation.  The Mayor and the city's bond counsel proposed the move late last year as a way to raise about $16-million that could be used to buy newer equipment so it doesn't break-down on a frequent basis.  It would also be used to create a tax stablization fund.  
The New York state Senate has approved more than a dozen bills that are designed to improve school security, including legislation that would increase state funding to help schools pay for armed police and security upgrades...  
Local State Senator Cathy Young was among Republican Senators who backed legislation that would treat school shootings and other mass shootings as acts of domestic terrorism.  She expressed her support during debate on the Senate floor late Monday.
Young says the move would empower federal and state intelligence gather resources towards preventing crimes, which will allow them to not only find out about about them before it happens -- but, act as well.  Other bills passed in the Senate Monday would mandate two annual active-shooter drills and set aside money for mental health services coordinators in local schools.  The legislation now moves to the Democratic-controlled assembly.  
Special license plates to raise money for armed guards in schools are part of a package of legislation passed by the Republican-controlled New York State Senate...  
The Senate passed a series of bills Monday evening to bolster school security in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.  The measures include a "Guardians for Schools" vanity plate.  Senate Democrats have pushed a package of gun control measures in response to the Florida shooting.
A Jamestown man is accused of stealing items from the Tops Market on Washington Street early last Sunday morning...  
City police were called to the grocery store shortly before 12:30 for a shoplifting in progrress.  Officers located a suspect matching the description and, identified him as 22 year-old Tyler Donovan, who was found in possession of several food items from Tops.  He was taken to city jail pending arraignment for petty larceny. 
A new exhibit highlighting New York women who contributed to the nation's women's rights movement has opened at the state Capitol...  
Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul unveiled the exhibit Monday during an event in the East Gallery on the building's second floor.  Titled 1918: The New Day for New York Women the display celebrates a century of progress since women's suffrage was passed in New York state during World War I.  The exhibit also honors 25 New York women who were trailblazers and accomplished a "first" in their chosen fields.   

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