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Dead man found in Portland last weekend identified as homeless man living in Brocton-area...
A Chautauqua County man who had been homeless has been identified as the person whose body was found by a passer-by last weekend in the town of Portland.  State Police say their Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) out of the Fredonia barracks responded to a report of a found, unidentified male body located off State Rt. 20 just after 3 p.m.  A motorist driving by spotted the man... now identified as 47 year-old Brian Heyden.  The body is scheduled for an autopsy to determine the identity and the cause of death.  Investigators say the victim was homeless and known to travel from his encampment just west of Brocton to Fredonia on a daily basis.   Any person with information or who may have had contact with him, please call the New York State Police at 716-665-3114 or e-mail information to crimetip@troopers.ny.gov.

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