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WJTN News Headlines for May 1, 2019

Just a day after releasing a more detailed description of the suspect vehicle involved, Jamestown Police have now found the car and driver allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident in mid-April......  
City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says investigators found the vehicle, a Toyota Rav 4, that struck a female victim in the cross-walk on Foote Avenue in front of UPMC Chautauqua Hospital, shortly after 9 PM on Tuesday, April 16th.  Samuelson says the vehicle is being impounded for processing and charges against the driver are pending.  More details will be released later.  The woman struck by the car was treated for a serious leg injury.  Samuelson says they found the car after an officer from another local agency received a tip and, contacted city police.

Both sides of the political aisle are praising the way today's meeting on infrastructure between President Trump and Democratic lawmakers turned-out....  

In fact, White House officials are calling Tuesday's meeting both "excellent and productive."  Local Congresman Tom Reed also says he's "very pleased" to see both sides coming together on the issue.  The Corning Republican says he wants to see a bill that deals with ALL aspects of infrastructure.

Reed co-chairs the bi-partisan Problem Solver's Caucus, which proposed an infrastructure bill last year, but it ended up going nowhere.  This time, he says there may have been some pressure from the Democratic rank-and-file, because the leadership has been hesitant to give Mr. Trump any kind of political "win."  Mr. Trump met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who said afterward Trump agreed to a $2-trillion price tag for infrastructure investments.  However, the two sides haven't decided on how to pay for it yet. 

Congressman Tom Reed is blasting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his announcement that he will take legal action against ICE agents if they don't stop their "reckless and unconstitutional enforcement actions."  

Cuomo issued the "cease and desist" letter order late last week.  He also expanded an executive order prohibiting ICE Arrests in State Facilities in addition to prohibiting state agencies from Inquiring About Immigration Status.  Reed says Cuomo is putting New York residents at risk for his own political gain.

Reed adds that... during a recent radio interview, Cuomo stated he would “do nothing to cooperate with ICE” and the state should do anything "short of breaking the law" when dealing with the federal agency.  He says, by directing the state police to not cooperate with ICE and preventing ICE from arresting undocumented immigrants inside state courthouses... Cuomo is "showing an unacceptable disregard for the brave men and women of our law enforcement community.”

The new President of the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown is ready to advance Jackson's ideals and expand the center's programs...  

Kristan McMahon began her work there Monday.  She says Jackson's assertion after World War II that the rule of law is paramount needs to be heard today, in order for people to have 'trust in the system' and lay a foundation of fairness.  McMahon believes the principles enshrined in the Jackson Center need to be articulated at all levels of government.  Taking Jackson Center programming to Washington, DC may be part of that effort.  McMahon is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University and Catholic University Law School.  She practiced law for 15 years... including a time at Verizon.  For the last three years she's helped non-profit organizations find leaders.   

A major fund-raiser for the Jamestown area's largest soup kitchen is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year with hopes again of raising more than $20,000....  

The yearly "Cents for St. Susan's" drive began Tuesday morning at the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities offices.  BPU officials were joined by most of their major contributors for the event.  General Manager Dave Leathers praised the efforts of Communications Coordinator Becky Robbins for helping lead the effort.

During the kick-off, Robbins noted that they already have commitments for $11,500 from their major sponsors.  St. Susan's Center Executive Director Bonnie Scott-Sleight has headed up the organization for five-months now and, says the drive is a big help to them.  She urges people to put their spare change in the cannisters, which will be at nearly 60 locations in the area.  Key Bank has again made the largest business donation to "Cents for St. Susan's..." totaling $2,000.  Kwik Fill is adding $1,000, and others are contributing $500 each.  The Media One Radio Group is a media sponsor of the annual fund-raiser.

The state Senate's Republican minority has introduced a package of legislation that it says would counter changes made to New York's criminal justice system by majority Democrats...  

Senate GOP Leader John Flanagan, of Long Island, said Tuesday that Democrats who control the Senate and Assembly "swung way too far to the left" when they approved a series of criminal justice reforms earlier this year.  Those reforms included eliminating cash bail for non-violent arrests and ensuring a defendant's right to a speedy trial.  Flanagan and fellow GOP senators say the changes favor convicted criminals while weakening law enforcement and ignoring the plight of crime victims and their families.  The GOP's "Victims' Justice Agenda" contains 11 bills, including a measure that would make the sentence for first-degree murder be life imprisonment without parole.

Pennsylvania is getting an unexpected windfall, as internet sales tax revenues are coming in nearly four times above what had been projected for the current fiscal year....  

Revenue Department officials say the state estimated to collect $50-million from the tax on online transactions, but it's looking like about $200 million will be remitted.  The state two years ago imposed sales taxes on people who use online marketplaces to sell their wares.  Pennsylvania is requiring businesses that don't have a physical presence in the state to pay online sales taxes, under a divided U.S. Supreme Court decision issued last June.  That ruling was considered a win for large retailers that maintain a presence in many states, as they generally had been collecting sales taxes on online purchases before the decision.