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Some strong thunderstorms last Saturday afternoon produced strong winds that damaged a dock and a couple of boats on Chautauqua Lake near Lakewood and Ashville.....  

However, Forecaster Jon Hitchcock with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says the damage was not caused by a tornado.  Hitchcock says the storm was one in a series that came through between 3 and 3:30 PM.

Hitchcock says these kinds of storms are not unusual during this time of year when you get a rush of "rain-cooled" air that results in "micro-bursts."  Also Sunday, he confirmed for us that a water spout was spotted on Lake Erie Saturday morning, which he says is common this time of year on the Great Lakes.  No other significant damage was reported from Saturday or Sunday's morning storms.  Hitchcock says we'll remain in this pattern through the early part of this week.  But, later we'll begin to see cooler, drier air making it's way into the region later in the week.


Federal lawmakers have been able to take some action regarding the recent plague of gun violence in the United States, and has approved a couple of measures signed into law....  

Local Congressman Tom Reed says these actions were not necessarily covered extensively by the media, but will hopefully help.  Reed says he supports measures like the "Fix the Nix" Act that was approved and signed into law that allows for better exchanging background check information.  He also touted one that provides more funding for school resource officers.

Reed says both measures were pushed by the bi-partisan Problem Solver's Caucus that he co-chairs.  Both items were approved before the most recent shootings in California, Texas and Ohio.  But, Reed is hoping lawmakers can do more once they return from their August recess.  The Corning Republican made his comments during his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.


In New York government news, Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to create a new crime of domestic terrorism for mass shootings or other large-scale killings motivated by bias.....  

The Democrat says his proposal would apply to acts like the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, where authorities say the shooter targeted Mexicans.  He cited other shootings in recent years targeting Jewish people, the LGBTQ community and African Americans.  The proposed Hate Crimes Domestic Terrorism Act would apply to mass-casualty incidents resulting in death and injury that targeted victims based on factors including race, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, religion or sexual orientation.  Those found guilty of the crime would face life in prison without parole - the same penalty prescribed in the state's existing anti-terror law.

Jamestown's Geer-Dunn Company is celebrating a century in business this year....  

Two men from Warren, Clifton Geer and Clair Dunn, started the office supply store on Cherry Street in 1919.  Current owner, Dave Jaroszynski, is just the second owner, acquiring the business in 1970.  

For the last three decades, the store has been located on Prendergast Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets.  As retailing has changed, Jaroszynski believes service has kept Geer-Dunn as the first choice for customers, as they can solve problems quickly.  Dave's children, John and Michele, are among the six employees at Geer-Dunn today.

A National Rifle Association leader-turned-critic is meeting with New York investigators this week and, the NRA wants to be there... 

 New York's attorney general's office is questioning Oliver North on Tuesday as it probes whether the NRA broke laws governing its nonprofit status.  The NRA asked a judge Friday to let it in the meeting, saying it would be "severely prejudiced" if privileged information is divulged.  New York Attorney General Letitia James says that her office is fair and that she's rejecting the NRA's "scare tactics."  The NRA is facing several legal battles. 

A Ripley man has been arrested for allegedly damaging property belonging to someone else early last weekend....  

Sheriff's officers were called to the scene on East Lake Road in Ripley about 10 PM last Friday for a disorderly person.  When deputies arrived, they found that 44 year-old Matthew Fowler damaged the other person's property.  Fowler was arrested and charged with fourth-degree Criminal Mischief and, he was sent to the county jail for centralized arraignment.

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