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WJTN News Headlines for Jan. 10, 2020


The Jamestown area could lose a significant number of manufacturing jobs later this year.  

The Jamestown Post-Journal is reporting that Truck-lite has 'tentatively' decided to end production at its long-standing plant in Falconer.  The exact timeline and the number of jobs affected have not been confirmed.  The news was apparently handed out to workers and union officials on Thursday afternoon.  The level of productivity at the large local plant was noted as a factor in the decision.   Truck-lite, which manufactures vehicle lighting, started in Jamestown in the 1950's and currently has 10 manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe.  

The theft of a loaded hand-gun from an unattended, parked vehicle in Jamestown has led city police to issue a warning about leaving cars unlocked.  

JPD Captain Bob Samuelson says you should always lock your vehicles when they are left parked and unattended... even if it's in your own driveway.  Samuelson adds it's "not uncommon for individuals to go around and check vehicles to see if they are unlocked" because they're looking for items they can steal and sell for money, or trade for drugs.  He did not say where the vehicle was where the gun was taken... but, he says valuables such as wallets with money, computers or firearms should never be left inside an unattended and unlocked vehicle.  Samuelson says if your gun is taken in such an instance... you can have your pistol permit suspended.

Chautauqua County's representative in Congress says -- if circumstances are right -- he may run for governor in two years.  

Corning Republican Tom Reed confirmed this week that he is weighing his options... but, was also quick to say that he is committed to running for another term in the House of Representatives later this year.  Reed says he's talked to numerous people recently who have said he should consider a run... but, in the end... it'll be up to the people to decide.

The possibility of Reed running for governor has been brought up in recent news stories in the region... especially after Reed has publically criticized Governor Cuomo, and other Democrats in the state for being influenced by the party's more progressive members.  He called out Cuomo for holding up funding for a stetch of the State Thruway earlier this year.  However... it's likely that after the 2020 Census... New York state will lose two seats in Congress.  Those would likely be in the upstate area.

A Jamestown man was arrested for allegedly robbing a gas station in the Village of Falconer early Thursday morning.  

Ellicott Town Police were called to the Kwik-Fill at 455 West Main Street just after 6:30 AM for a robbery in progress.... and, the suspect fled the scene.  Police say 40 year-old Andrew Piatz-junior approached the store clerk and demanded they hand over the money.  He also allegedly took items from the store without paying for them.  Piatz was found a short distance away from the scene and sent to the County Jail pending arraignment for third-degree robbery and petty larceny.  Town Police were assisted in the investigation by the Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit and Jamestown Police. 

Chautauqua County's representative in the New York state Assembly says there were 'some positives' in Governor Andrew Cuomo's annual State of the State message.  

However... it also lacked a lot of specifics.  Republican Assemblyman Andy Goodell had a front row seat at the governor's address in Albany... and, says, while it was brought up in his speech... there wasn't much else.

Goodell says he did like the governor discussing plans for a small business tax cut... along with moving ahead on a pair of middle class tax cuts.  He says New York has had a reputation for being a "high-taxed" state.  Goodell also liked proposed legislation to deal with Algal Blooms on Chautauqua Lake.  That's an initiative was part of an overall Climate Change agenda the governor high-lighted yesterday.  He wants lawmakers to approved a referendum for the Fall to raise $3-billion for new programs to improve the environment.  The rubber will meet the road later this month when the governor proposes his 2020-2021 budget plan.

The State Assembly officially kicked off it's 2020 session Thursday afternoon... and, new Minority Leader Will Barclay announced that Andy Goodell would again be Minority Leader Pro-Temp -- otherwise known as "Floor Leader for the Day."

State Senator George Borrello attended his first State of the State Address Wednesday... and, has plenty of questions about how Governor Andrew Cuomo will tackle an approximately 6-billion dollar budget deficit.  

Cuomo did not offer many specifics in his address... but, did indicate that much of the increase stems from growing Medicaid costs.  Borrello says the governor pointed out that counties have not borne the brunt of increased Medicaid costs the past six years.

Borrello adds that... if Cuomo proposes eliminating the local cap on Medicaid costs... he and others will work to stop it.  Currently... the state's 50-percent share of the costs is split just about evenly between the state and local counties.  Due to increasing costs in the program six years ago... the cap was imposed after pressure was put on the state by local governments.  The governor is expected to release the next fiscal year's budget sometime later this month.