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TRC rallying local supporters of developmentally-disabled clients to push for restoring state program funding...

The Resource Center is facing a 6-percent cut in funding under Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2013-2014 budget.  However... the state legislature has restored the $120-million cut in Medicaid that is due to "voluntary agencies" for the developmentally disabled.  Resource Center Community Relations Director Steve Waterson adds, though, that the governor has dug in his heals... and, whats that money to go to state-run facilities.  Waterson says they're rallying advocates of The Resource Center to contact state officials.  He says they're lobbying Governor Andrew Cuomo, State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, and Senator Cathy Young.  Waterson says both Goodell and Young are "very supportive" of restoring that funding... as has the entire legislature.  He says that's mainly because the governor wants keep funding in place for more-costly state-run programs.  Waterson says TRC has dealt with a 9 to 10-percent cut over the past "two to three-years..." but, adds another 6-percent will likely have a direct impact on services.  He says also likely not be able to fill some staff positions.  Waterson adds that... since the federal government matches the state's Medicaid outlay... they stand to lose $2.5-million in total funding.  That's why their main emphasis is on rallying Governor Cuomo right now.  For more information... go on-line to www.resourcecenter.org.

Cuomo says New York's small towns, cities and school districts should consolidate or merge if they're in that bad of shape...

The state budget being shaped in New York may be remembered years from now as the beginning of the end of many small towns, cities and school districts.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is upping his conflict with local officials who are facing fiscal crises and asking for more help from Albany.  He says today (Friday) that if things are really that bad, they should consolidate services or merge outright.  School districts and local governments are asking for more measures to cut labor, pension and other costs than Cuomo has offered in his proposed budget.  Local officials say they're already consolidating and taking on some mergers, but still need help including more money from Albany.

Malone comes away very impressed with new pope...

The new pope will have a steep learning curve... but, the head of the Catholic Church in western New York says he's very impressed by Pope Francis.  Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone returned from the Papal Conclave in Rome late Thursday... and, says the selection of the Archbishop from Buenos Aires was a bit of a suprise... but, a good one.  Malone feels the Holy Spirit really led this conclave because few had Cardinal Jorge Bergoglios on their list of candidates.  He calls Pope Francis a "wonderful, gentle pastor who can also be strong when there are certain views and values he has to defend."  Among those... are opposing the killing of the unborn... and, that marriage is between a man and a woman.  However... while Francis would be defined as a "conservative" for those traditional church positions... he may be more "liberal" on others.  Malone says Francis is "very committed to social justice, concern for the poor... " and a lot of people would identify those as progressive social positions.

Mende admits to being surprised himself about who was named the new pope...

The head of the Catholic church in Jamestown says he was a bit surprised by Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the new pope.  However... Father Dennis Mende with Holy Apostles Parish says he and local Catholics are "excited and hopefilled" about Pope Francis.  Mende adds he is pleased with the chose of the Argentinian because he is humble... and, very much a "man of the people."  He says Francis showed that immediately after speaking for the first time as Pope to the thousands gathered in St. Peter's Square in Rome.  Mende says one of his first statements, that "I need you're prayers, and I ask you to bless me..." and, he Francis understands that it's the "people who are the church."  Mende presided over the 9 a.m. Mass Thursday at St. John Catholic Church... and, says parishioners have been abuzz about the naming of the new pontiff.  Francis has already displayed a style that shows he may reject some of the trappings that come with the new position.  He rode the bus with the other Cardinals back to their hotel instead of taking the special sedan that was set aside for him after his election as Pope.

North county man arrested for selling illegal assault weapons to undercover officer...

A north county man has been arrested for allegedly selling newly-banned assault-style weapons to an undercover police officer.  The Buffalo News reports 32 year-old Benjamin Wassell of Silver Creek is accused of twice selling weapons now prohibited under New York's new SAFE Act.  The announcement was made late Thursday by State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman... who says Wassell is the first person to be arrested under the legislation... which was pushed through by Governor Cuomo and the state legislature earlier this year.

No one hurt in north county school bus accident...

No one was hurt when a Brocton Central school bus was struck by a car in a business parking lot in the town of Pomfret yesterday.  Sheriff's officers were called to the scene on Route 20 about 4 p.m. Thursday... and, learned the bus driver, 41 year-old Laurie Travis of Brocton... had made a left turn into the lot to safely turn the vehicle around.  There were students on board at the time.  Deputies say the operator of the car... 23 year-old Marianne Drzymala of Fredonia... was apparently following to closely... and, the car struck the back of the bus.  Neither Travis nor the students on the bus were injured in the the accident.  Neither was Drzymala.  She has been charged with following too closely... and, will appear in Pomfret town Court at a later date.

Gas prices hold steady this week...

Gas prices in the Jamestown-area are holding steady this week at about $3.94 a gallon.  That from the AAA's Fuel Gauge Report... which says the national average price for a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline is now $3.70.  The price is down five cents from one week ago.  The Fuel Gauge reports that it's "too soon" to say whether retail prices have peaked for the spring, because there is still refinery maintenance to be completed... and, much of the country must still transition to summer-blend gasoline.


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