Local News Headlines

Local news Headlines


An early Fall trial date has been set for the Virginia man accused of murdering Clymer School Superintendent Keith Reed, Junior last September.  A Pre-Trial Conference was held Monday morning in the case of 42 year-old Anthony Taglianetti-the-second in Chautauqua County Court.  Taglianetti is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Reed last September 21st at the victim's home on the Clymer-Sherman Road.  District Attorney David Foley says the conference was fairly routine... but, adds jury selection is set for mid-September. As for defense motions... Foley says there were none made by Public Defender Nathanial Barone at Monday's court session. Taglianetti is accused of fleeing the state following Reed's shooting death... which reportedly was over an alleged relationship Reed had with Taglianetti's wife.  He was located in Virginia a week after the shooting.  Foley does say a plea deal has been offered to the defendant.  Taglianetti initially fought extradiction to New York state... but, his defense team then missed a filing deadline for an extradication hearing.  He was returned to Chautauqua County shortly after that.


Several brush fires in the north county area this past Sunday should serve is a reminder that this is the time of the year when grass and woods-related fires become a problem.  Above average temperatures... and, dry conditions led to those.  Chautauqua County Emergency Services Director Julius Leone says people who burn brush need to be very careful. Leone says there are a couple of reasons why we see an uptick in the number of brush fires during the early Spring. The fires early Sunday closed a portion of Route 39 from Center Road to the Forestville village line for about three hours Sunday.  No injuries were reported.  No word on what sparked the fires.


There is more good than bad in the 2013-to-2014 state budget that was approved three days before it was due on April 1st.  That from Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi... who is weighing in the the 135-billion dollar spending plan for the first time since it's approval.  Teresi says there are three positives to the budget plan.  The first is that it was "on-time" for the third straight year.  Teresi says it helps local governments get better interest rates on borrowing.  He says muncipalities will also benefit from an increase in Consolidated Highway Improvement Program -- or CHIPS funding. Teresi says Jamestown will see at 130-thousand dollar hike in CHIPS funding... which should help offset increases in such areas as petrolium costs.  He's also happy that Governor Cuomo had the political courage to take a proposed 4-year extention of binding arbitration out of the budget... and, wants to have discussions about that later.  However... Teresi says that Aid and Incentives to Municipalities... or AIM Aid... did NOT seen an increase in the final budget... and, he says that makes it tough in an environment where most every other cost is going up.


The investigation is continuing into a number of vehicle larcencies in the village of Forestville that occured last week.  Sheriff's officers say the break-ins occured back on April 2nd and 3rd... and, a number of items were stolen.  However... deputies say some items have been recovered... and, the investigation is continuing.  No arrests have been reported as yet.  Officers are asking residents whose vehicle may have been burglarized to contact the Sheriff's Office to make a report.  Residents may contact the dispatch center at 753-2131... or 363-4232 to make a report.


The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities will be replacing water mains on Lakeview Avenue TODAY from 535 Lakeview to Van Buren Street.  BPU Spokeswoman Becky Robbins says water will be turned off to customers in that area from 8:30 AM until around Noon.  When water is restored, Robbins says the water will be discolored on Jamestown's north side for about 12-to-18 hours.  Today's work by the BPU's Water Division is part of the overall road reconstruction of Lakeview.  The BPU this year will replace water mains from Price to Falconer Streets on Lakeview. 


Hundreds of thousands of pounds of frozen food recalled amid an E. coli scare may have been served in schools.  That's the word from the Buffalo-based company that manufactured the items.  Rich Products recalled 10 million pounds of frozen food items over the past two weeks after 27 E. coli illnesses in 15 states were linked to their foods.  Of that... Rich Products estimates that about 3-million pounds may still be in the marketplace and approximately 300-thousand pounds may have ended up in school lunchrooms.  Rich Products spokesman Dwight Gram says the main items shipped to schools were labeled as pizza dippers and pepperoni pizzatas.  E. coli infection can cause mild diarrhea or more severe complications, including kidney damage.


A western New York man will get 1.6-million dollars to settle a dispute that left him hopping mad when flooding from a nearby development left him inundated with frogs.  The award settles a seven-year legal fight involving Paul Marinaccio (Mare-IN-Ah-Cheeo), the town of Clarence and a developer.  Marinaccio says runoff diverted onto his 40-acre property turned it into wetlands filled with frogs.  He says the abundant amphibians forced him inside because a childhood incident left him with a crippling frog phobia.