Local News Headlines 4/23/13


Fire has destroyed a major trucking company on Route 60 just south of the village of Fredonia Monday afternoon.  Local Media reports say a problem with a tractor-trailer being brought into be serviced at Hill's Trucking apparently sparked the blaze at about 2:15 PM.  The main building... and, offices... were reportedly fully-engulfed in flames on arrival.  Fredonia was first called to the scene... and, soon after called in mutual aid from the city of Dunkirk and East and West Towns of Dunkirk fire companies.  Other department's assisting included Sheridan, Sunset Bay, Cassadaga, Portland, Forestville and Irving.  The county's HazMat team was also called out.  Route 60 was shut-down between Webster and Straight Roads about 5-and-a-half hours.  No one was hurt.  The cause remains under investigation.


Snow and ice removal costs for the first-quarter of the year in the city of Jamestown are nearly 30-percent higher than they were through the first-quarter of this year.  However... the city basically held it's own through the first three-months of 2013.  Comptroller Joe Bellitto told City Council members at last night's work session that -- otherwise -- their numbers are "about normal."  Bellitto says Board of Public Utilities' Payments in lieu of Taxe payments are slightly above last year -- mainly on the strength of four divisions.  He says they're still waiting on sales tax figures.  But... Bellitto says at least two key expenses were way up. However... Mayor Sam Teresi says that doesn't mean anyone is doing a bad job... it's a matter of Mother Nature handing us a more "normal Winter."  He gave lawmakers credit for not cutting the snow and ice removal budgets any more than they already had... and, some were calling for them to cut more.  Teresi adds that fuel costs for the Public Works Department are up 25-percent for the first two months of the year.


A Jamestown man is accused of driving off from a traffic stop in the city... and, leading officers on a high-speed chase that ended in a foot chase.  City police say they spotted the car... driven by 54 year-old Terrance Thomas... fail to stop at a stop sign at Foote Avenue and Water Street about 12:30 Monday morning.  Thomas is also accused of failing to signal a turn.  Officers say they pulled Thomas over... but, he drove off from the stop at a high-rate of speed.  Police pursued until Thomas stopped at 113 Broadhead Avenue... where he began running from officers.  Thomas allegedly ran until he was caught... and, resisted arrest.  He was also allegedly found with marijuana in his possession.  He's being held on several charges... including unlawfully fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle... reckless driving... and, unlawful possession of marijuana.  He was taken to the city jail pending arraignment.


Chautauqua County's Congressman is praising the work of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in solving the Boston Marathon bombing case.  Corning Republican Tom Reed says his "thoughts and prayers" are with the people of Massachusetts.  Coincidently... Reed's weekly telephone news conference included the moment of silence for the victims of the bombings at 2:50 Monday afternoon.  He also commended the Obama Administration for it's handling of the situation... and, the surviving suspect. The surviving suspect... Dzhokhar (Joh-KAR) Tsarnaev (Sahr-Neye-Ev)... was read his Miranda rights today... and, formally charged with using a Weapon of Mass Destruction.  Some have questioned using the public safety 'exception' of the Miranda Law so Tsarnaev didn't have to be read his rights immediately.  However... Reed does not. Reed says he looks forward to having the "full-weight" of justice coming down on the alleged bomber so that it sends "a message to anyone that may think about commiting a similar act that the entire nation will not stand for that."  He hopes the final penalty will be severe.


County officials have wrapped up a "complicated deal" that both sells... and, fills up the north county's Chadwick Bay Industrial Park spec building.  The structure was completed along with others in Chautauqua County several years ago... but, the county had been unable to sell the structure.  A deal appeared in place many years ago... but, it fell through.  County Executive Greg Edwards says... through the efforts of the Industrial Development Agency -- and, one local business -- that building has now been sold to Dunkirk Metal Products for 1.8-million dollars.  Edwards says a tenant has also been found for extra space in the building. Edwards says proceeds from the sale will help pay off the rest of the Chadwick Bay spec building's costs.  That includes reducing the bond pay-off from 30 to 20 years.  Edwards says that move will save the county a significant amount of money.  He and IDA Director Bill Daly reported on the deal to the legislature's Audit and Control committee last Thursday.


Governor Cuomo, under pressure from local government officials... says he will join their discussion to address the fiscal crisis facing cities, counties and their taxpayers.  Cuomo has already met with some local officials to build support for his proposal to change the binding arbitration law that guides labor disputes.  He wants to require mediators to consider taxpayers' ability to pay.  On Friday... he told public radio's ``Capitol Pressroom'' that he will expand those discussions to talk about ``the larger problem of distressed communities.''


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