(**Update)Foley says four accused in Carroll double-homicide charged with 11 counts; two face first-degree murder charges...

The four men accused of killing a town of Carroll couple the morning of April 17 have been arraigned on multiple-charges in Chautauqua County Court.  District Attorney David Foley says the defendants... 34 year-old David Coggins...  21-year-old Joshua McCormick, and 18 year-olds Rickey Knickerbocker, and Steven Todd... were brought before the judge separately.  Coggins and McCormick face ALL 11 counts in the indictment... including first-degree murder.  They and Knickerbocher and Todd also face second-degree Intentional Murder counts.  The four are accused of killing 66 year-old Gordon, and 59 year-old Joyce Skinner. (with help from WDOE Radio)


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WJTN News Headlines for Aug. 19, 2019

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