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Reed says Edwards announcement he won't run for re-election caught many "by surprise..."

Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards' announcement that he would not seek re-election "caught a lot of people by surprise."  That from local Congressman Tom Reed... who says he did not anticipate the sudden decision by his fellow Republican.  While he's just worked with Edwards for several months since Chautauqua County was put back into the Southern Tier District by Congressional reapportionment... Reed has found Edwards to be a "top notch" and "quality" public servant.  He adds he's done a great job for the people of Chautauqua County, and will do well in whatever future endeavors he undertakes.  Reed was asked if he felt Edwards would make a good candidate for state-wide office.  Edwards' name has come up as a possible Gubernatorial candidate next year.  The county's top-elected official was maverick Republican Carl Paladino's running mate for Lieutenant Governor nearly three years ago.  Reed says Edwards is in public office for "the right reasons..." and, if he choses to go down that path... he will do well.  The Corning Republican adds that if Edwards decides to run state-wide... he will support him.  But... he emphasizes Edwards -- and his family -- have to make that decision.
We tried to reach Chautauqua County Republican Committee Chairman Al Hendrickson Monday morning for comment on Edwards' decision not to run for a third-term.  However... Hendrickson is not available for comment.  We hope to reach him later.

Co. Democrat Committee Chair says they are delaying an announcement on their executive candidate following Edwards' announcement...

Chautauqua County Democrats have decided to delay announcing a candidate for County Executive.  County Democratic Party Chairman Norm Green says last week's announcement by incumbent Republican Greg Edwards to not seek a third-term was one of the factors in deciding to wait another two weeks to make their announcement.  He says the party also needs to come together... and, decide on a candidate to run against "a challenger" as opposed to an incumbant.  Green says a search committee has been looking for candidates since January... and, they had recently decided on a single candidate.  That person was expected to announce this week... but, he says they expect an announcment within the next couple of weeks about a person's candidacy.  Green says they are not ruling out the person who was ready to announce... but, they also want to hear from all prospective candidates before reaching a final decision and making an announcement.

Cuomo says he's not talking about running for Democratic nod to run for President in 2016...

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's not talking about running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016... and, he's not waiting to see if Hillary Clinton runs.  Cuomo said Monday on public radio's ``Capitol Pressroom'' there is ``no truth'' to speculation that he is talking about presidential politics and strategy.  Cuomo says he's focused on his 2014 run for a second term as governor.  He has never ruled out a run for president.  Clinton is often touted as a potential 2016 contender.  Cuomo has a campaign fund of more than $20-million... and, led New York's effort in legalizing same-sex marriage in 2011.  This year... he pushed through the nation's first gun-control law after the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.  His poll numbers have recently fallen from record highs.



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